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Welcome to the Luke and Noah Wiki! Luke and Noah were the hottest supercouple on daytime! Their groundbreaking story on
As the World Turns may have ended but the fans are still here! Join up and chat with other Luke and Noah fans today!

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Luke & Noah Home Page - Luke and Noah Wiki

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Jake Silbermann as Noah Mayer

Van Hansis as Luke Snyder

Stuffer is a short film written by Jake
Silbermann and directed by Nathan Crooker

Check out the official STUFFER website HERE

Also, if you are on Facebook,
"Like" the official Stuffer page HERE

And you can find Jake himself on Facebook HERE

OCCUPANT is a Psychologial thriller starring Van Hansis

Check out the official Occupant website HERE

"Like" the official Occupant Facebook page HERE

Van himself is on Facebook too, check out his profile HERE

Luke & Noah Home Page - Luke and Noah Wiki

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Keep up with every episode Luke and Noah are on by following LUKE & NOAH'S STORY. To catch up on Luke's past, check out all the videos of LUKE'S STORY. And stop by the EPISODE GUIDE to learn more about past episodes.

We have some talented video makers on this site! Check out their spectacular NUKE VIDEOS! Stop by and watch all of the other videos, like the amazing NUKE KISSES, the sweet and funny ATWT SPECIALS, the hot UNCUT SCENES!
We have some amazing authors on this site! Check out some of the best NUKE FAN FICTION on the web! LEARN how to add your fan fiction.

Don't forget to take a look at some fun pages for authors and readers of Nuke fan fiction. If you need idea or have one to share, visit the PLOT BUNNIES page. After every Nuke episode that aired, the amazing authors of this site used to team up together to participate in the round robin, known as WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Check it out!
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Lily: "I've finally learned my lesson, baby. The next time Damian comes back, I'm going to wait at least three months before I give him another chance." Luke: "Uh, no offence, mom, but maybe we should have Dr. Oliver take a look at your brain." by NightMocha

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Luke & Noah Home Page - Luke and Noah - As the World TurnsLuke & Noah Home Page - Luke and Noah - As the World Turns

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