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Member since: Jun 23 2009, 6:56 AM EDT
Slogan: ATWT addict since '02!
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Hello, my name is Holly!
More about me:

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I joined the Luke and Noah Wiki because:
They're my current favorite couple.

The best word to describe me is: Unique.

Interests: Art, Anime, Classic Movies/Shows,
Dolls, Fashion, Music, Writing.

Favorite movies: HalloweeN, The Crow, Night Of The Living Dead. And anything starring Vincent Price.

Favorite TV show besides ATWT: Death Note.

What else you should know about me: I use a wheelchair to get around. I have my serious side, but I'm usually a clown. (And I like rhyming, as you can see. ;)
What I love about Nuke:
More ATWT info:
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My favorite ATWT character:
Barbara, but Aaron is a close second. I hope he comes back!

My favorite Nuke episode:
Hmm, I can't pick a favorite.
I love all the trouble they get into, and how they get through it together.

If I lived in Oakdale...
I'd work with Barbara. Either in the fashion business, or being her minion. >:)

If I was a writer...
I'd put Aaron and Alison back together. They were once my favorite couple.

If I was a director...
I'd have fun bossing people around.

If I was an actor...
I'd be the comic relief.

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