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Slogan: Luke & Noah story love, enjoy the life, its beautifull....
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Luke & Noah
Hello, my name is Joel Nuez!
More about me:
Wel, Im a honest person, i like that the people tell me the truth always, i dont like the lies, and i like to go out with my friends, watch movies, read books and the other things....

What I love about Nuke:

well, I love everything about Nuke, I like the story very much, i love his hair....jeje
More ATWT info:
Luke & Noah Story
My favorite ATWT character:

Besides Luke and Noah, Casey & Alison, Holden & Lily, Lucinda, Java Jeff and Damian

My favorite Nuke episode:

When they give first kiss, when Noah kisses Luke married Amira, and Noah kisses Luke without mattering that nobody sees them. The reconciliation of luke and Noah with cindy Luper appearance with his two wonderful songs. but true Colors is beautiful, and wonderful...and when Noah says Luke that he love him and nobody.....jejejeje

If I lived in Oakdale...

I would so try to find a Luke and Noah and kiss them..jejeje

If I was a writer...

I would put in the history of luke & noah more pasion, feeling and more plot, i would put many other things interesting. i do not say that i dont like the plot and the rest, I am like very much. but i would put interesting things.

If I was a director...

Well, I would work very hard in the production and the plot..

If I was an actor...

I would work very hard in my paper, and i give them the best of me...

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