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Hey I'm Christoph from Switzerland
I'm 25 years old and normally live in Zurich (Switzerland) but I'll live in Lisbon for a couple of weeks to learn portugues.

I've got a boyfriend since nearly two years, but at the moment he is studying in Vancouver (Canada) so we'll see each other at first in July.... that's far far away, but I'll survive it. ;)

We don't have ATWT in Switzerland. The first time I saw Luke and Noah was on Youtube. I watched a clip about Latter Days and saw this two on the side.

Since then I really love them! There are more than cute! It makes me happy so see these two guys. After finding the Fanclub on Facebook, I found the link to this site and now I'm glad to be here.

I'm sorry for my english... But I hope you will understand it....


My Boyfriend and I
At a friends party... I ate too much cake. Couldn't move from the couch
at the wedding of a friend
I'm the one in the mmhh.... not white shirt. :) Don't know the name of this color... :)
I really like this moment.
What if you're the one that I've been waiting for my whole life, and I let you go?
When I was in Hungary... Budapest exactly

Like this movie

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