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Member since: Apr 12 2009, 1:12 PM EDT
Slogan: luke&noah (love)
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Hello, my name is Nikkole!!
More about me:

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I joined the Luke and Noah Wiki because: I'm a BIG FAN!!!

The best word to describe me is: I I'm very caring.

Interests: Are reading and hanging out with friends.

Favorite movies: comedy, scary and romantic movies.

Favorite TV shows besides ATWT: I also the the CW

What else you should know about me:
What I love about Nuke: I love Nuke because I just think its a great story. I'm a BIG FAN!! of them and it talks about the real world and how real teens have the same situation. Also Their so great together in the show and behind the scenes too. I also love Nuke because no matter how tough things get they work together to solve it. This is why I love NUKE!!
More ATWT info:
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My favorite ATWT character: Is Luke & Noah. also Lily and holden

My favorite Nuke episode: is when they first kiss on the show.

If I lived in Oakdale...I would go to school and have a good education.

If I was a writer... i would let my imagination flow on the page.

If I was a director... I would have fun and make tons of blooper

If I was an actor... I would love to se luke and noah in person.

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