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Hey, I think you're super!3

Screecaps from afterelton 2/24/09Ahhhh, they look so cute!

home - Luke and Noah Wiki
Really, Really cute!
This weird guy :D is me in a bunny costume :D
Age:15 almost 16
CountryThe Netherlands
Day of birth:26-05-1993
Favorite colour:Orange
Favorite song:Just so you know, Jesse Mccartney
Favorite movie:Latter days
Favorite TV-series:Dante's cove
Most fun thing to do:Watch Luke and Noah!
Education:HAVO (higher general education) 4th year

Here's a list with facts about me:
  1. I'm gay (*uhhh... duh xD*)
  2. I'm dead scared somebody sees this page because I'm still in the closet!!!! ( *wow your in the closet, it's like meeting a rare specie!*)
  3. I'm not from an English speaking country (*with your great grammar?* i noow wright!)
  4. I'm deadly in love with a boy which name I shall not name. (*deadly? are you going to shoot him?*)
  5. I'm not funny (*I know I've read these sentences*)
  6. I'm actually kind of shy (*yeh..... right*) No really xD
  7. I love Van and Jake. (*who doesn't!*)
  8. I'm crazy and a really big daydreamer!
  9. I'm Lazy, very very lazy

Check out my fan fiction story's:
My fan fiction story's

home - Luke and Noah Wiki
Yay ;p I am a Noah :D

Check out my music video of Luke and Noah!!!
(Taylor Swift - Love Story)

Some home made video's of my really sweet stuffed animals :D

Top 6: Movies! I love these movies and you must have seen them!

Twilight1# Twilight: This movie is about a young girl, Bella, who falls in love with a vampire, Edward. The movie is so amazing! It's definitely my top favorite!

High school musical 32# High School musical 3:
Who doesn't know the High School Musical series? I love the music, love the characters. The story is about a group of friends (troy, gabriella, sharpay, ryan, taylor and chad) who are in their senior year and thinking about their future and stuff. That's all you need to know! You have to have seen this movie!!!

home - Luke and Noah Wiki3# Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D:If you love fantasy you must have seen this one. It has humor, love and strange worlds!It's about a littly boy who dreams about a girl of lava and a sharkboy, will his dream come true? It is amazing this is a must have seen!
Speed racer

4# Speed Racer
Great combination of fantasy and racing. The main character loves to race, can he make his dream come true and step into his death brother's footsteps? I adored this movie because it brings out the beast in me!
5# The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian:

If you don't know this movie, you're kind of lame. (sorry for that) It's amazing how the creatures and the actors (especially the blond guy ;p)
make such a great movie. 4 children, kings and queens of a magic kingdom known as narnia.

Bridge6# Bridge to Terabithia: This really, really cool fantasy movie is number 6 in my top 6 :D It has such an imagination in it. But they might havea little to much imagination? I adore this movie! ( If you haven't noticed it yet, I'm a fantasy freak :D or geek, whatever you prefer :D)

Orange: All about Luke, Van, Jake and Noah!

home - Luke and Noah Wiki Isn't he the cutest thing you have ever seen!

home - Luke and Noah Wiki
I found this picture on the Internet, it is so cute! Who ever made this, it is a great one!

home - Luke and Noah Wiki
They look so great together!

Very cute picture of Jake!
home - Luke and Noah Wiki
O God I love this Photo!

so close
Same scene, twice as hot

home - Luke and Noah Wiki
He sure is my Hero!
Nice song Britney!
Really cool song! listen to it!
My number one favorite singer and actor (actor beside Van and Jake)!!!!
JMJesse Mcccartney!!!!
My number 1# favorite singer, he's so cute and his songs are so beautiful!

Don't you just love this photo! I'm fond of these dogs and Jesse so it's a perfect combination!!

Three of his songs: (which I think are his best!)
Right where you want me
Because you live

Beautiful soul
home - Luke and Noah Wikihome - Luke and Noah Wikihome - Luke and Noah Wiki
My favorite actor: *tamtamtamtam*
Jonathan Taylor Thomas!!!
God he is cute!!!! I wanna grab him and kiss him ;p Don't you?
Some of his movie trailers:
(gay)movie where he plays a supporting role as a bisexual hustler
couldn't find any other video trailers ;p
home - Luke and Noah Wiki
Picture of his movie I'll be home for Christmas!
God he is cute!
home - Luke and Noah Wikihome - Luke and Noah Wikihome - Luke and Noah Wiki
Thank you for viewing my page :D
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Read my fan fiction story's!
My fan fiction story's
Have a nice day!

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nukefan4life I love JM too!! 1 Mar 5 2009, 5:33 AM EST by NNuke
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OMG i am in love with Jesse too! i remember him all the way back to his dream street days! LOL His new album was amazing!!
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starryfairydust Muhaha! 0 Feb 1 2009, 6:04 AM EST by starryfairydust
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Cool Profile..XD
Very Interesting !
Umm..Nice Bunny Costume LMAO
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