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Member since: Jan 10 2009, 6:25 AM EST
Slogan: "Happy doesn't even begin to cover it"
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Hi, i'm Nadia!
More about me:
O.o I joined the Luke and Noah Wiki because: i don't remenber xD,nah,because i love nuke =)

The best word to describe me is: Divine,Wow

Interests: ummm...manga,show,moviess,yaoi and shojo....and.... gay stuff!!!! LOL

Favorite movies: Disney movies,Dirty Dancing 2,Harry Potter saga,,puff--.....many....

Favorite TV shows besides ATWT:Verbotene Liebe,Gossip Girl,Skins,El internado,Kyle XY,House,Doctor Who,Torchwood,Heroes,Family Guy,Fisica o Quimica,El cor de la ciutat,The Simpsos,Farscape,Queer as Folk,Brothers & Sisters....

What else you should know about me: I am a stranger, fangirl,slasher,gayer 100% quirky, ambitious, loving, otaku, responsive, professional gossip girl xD, I love cute things And I am girl in the eyes of those who know me.
What I love about Nuke: for this ¿?
More ATWT info:

My Livejournal!!! plis,enjoy!!!

My favorite ATWT character:
Now,Noah and Alison =D

My favorite Nuke episode:
ummm.....The day January 12 (L)

If I lived in Oakdale...

Fangirl as I am, try to help my "sisters" providing the greatest possible slash lol

If I was a writer...
Do not let no women apart from Jade and Ali, closer to Luke or Noah, lol also add a 3rd boy, for whom complain that, by not having a love triangle, not a nuke supercouple.

If I was a director...

I complain to the camera, which focuses not good scenes between Noah and Luke ¬o¬

If I was an actor...
as if I lived in the place, I think.

My Wiki Family,yay!!!

Daddy = allaboutlove
Mommy = Stardiva
Step - Dad = Scott
Step - Sister = Loah
Cousin = Gabryland (Gabry)
Cousin = s944hesh (Sidd)
Step - Dad = Nathaneal
Step - Mommy = luv2writeandread
Step - Mommy 2 = AdoreThem
Grandmother = Jacks41
Grandad = LUKE4NOAH
Auntie = writerindisgise
Auncle = Acto
Auntie = Laura3000

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