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Hi my name's Tomika, I'm 33 years old and from Louisiana. I joined this community is because I'm a huge Noah and Luke fan, i love seeing them on ATWT, and i think that they make such a cute couple on the show. I have recently started recording ATWT because of them, it's the only reason i watch it and now i'm beginning to become addicted to the show, 'cos of Noah and Luke :) :). My favorite Luke/Noah video is "Shape of My Heart", because the clips fits the song just perfectly.

What I don't like and don't understand is why the writers are always editing Luke and Noah kisses, they don't like them do a full kiss. I think they need to write their storyline like everyone elses, I mean they have no problem with the straight couples. I hope that they come around soon and starte letting Luke and Noah express their relationship more freely, like letting them finish kiss..without editing it or even letting them make love, like they let all the other couples on the show do. I am tired of being disappointed when the writers don't like Luke and Noah actually show Luke and Noah kiss and letting them get intimate.

Noah & Luke
My favorite couple..their so cute together :)

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I am in the process of writing a Luke and Noah. I haven't got a name for it yet, nor have I written a summary, because i'm tring to think of a good summary for it. I'm also trying to come up with a good title for my story, the story might take a while to post, but when i do get finish writing it, I will share it with you all.
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