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Member since: Dec 21 2008, 4:10 AM EST
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Hello, my name is [Regine]!
More about me:

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I joined the Luke and Noah Wiki because:Because of Nuke of course and all of you are very funny and lovable.

The best word to describe me is: I think boring

Interests: reading,photographing

Favorite movies: Brokeback Moutain,all films with Samuel L.Jackson

Favorite TV shows besides ATWT: Forbidden Love,AWZ,Marienhof,Grey's Anatomy,Desperate Housewifes

What else you should know about me: Hm,i dont'know...I live with my boyfriend and my two cats in a little village in Germany.I'm 34(at the moment) and i work for a german food company called " Kühne" in the quality control.

What I love about Nuke:
More ATWT info:
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My favorite ATWT character:Luke

My favorite Nuke episode: the episode from 22.dec,the epi when Noah returns from Rome,the first kiss,the "Just breathe"-episode,...

If I lived in Oakdale... I want to be a friend from Luke, Noah and Casey(perhaps the girlfriend from C.,who knows :))

If I was a writer...I'm not a creative person,so i never would be a writer,director or actor

If I was a director...

If I was an actor...

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