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If you want to translate my page, go to this site;

Hola.Bonjour.Hallo.Γειά σου.Ciao.Здравствулте!.Olá!
About Me;;
I'll give you all the basics i'm Marie aged 18 :).
I have many addictions/hates/loves, ask me for them if you want too.
I absolutely adore the storyline of Luke And Noah and cannot stop watching the episdoes with them.

I'm bisexual/taken by my amazing girlfriend Emma

Of 1 year and 8 months

I currently go to NWHCollege in the Midlands,UK.
Talks way too much sometimes, and sounds slighlty perverted when talking about sex. to anyone.
Finds it hard to forgive people after they have hurt me. I've seen enough things in my life to have learned from them.
P**s me off, i'll make your life hell :D,
but i am always here to help people out.I have a major obsession with going gigs XD
Obsessed Angels&Airwaves Fan for life XD
Obsessed My Chemical Romance Fan for life XD
Obsessed Fightstar Fan for life XD
Obsessed Supernatural Fan for life XD
Obsessed Torchwood Fan for life XD

I don't like labels, so please f*ck of with them.

But everyone labels, so if you do label me.
I'll label you back.

Me and Emma<3
'Cause I hear the whispered words, In your masterpiece beautiful
You speak the unspeakable through, I love you too

Sometimes I'm selfish fake You're always a true friend
And I don't deserve you 'Cause I'm not there for you
Please forgive me again

Video's I Love <3
Luke and Noah Fan Video by bluemidnight02
I absolutely fell in love with this video.
The music and the couple fit so perfectly. =D
Thank you Lyddie for making this it's amazingly well done.
Luke and Noah Fan Video by Lostaway

This is another beautiful video that i fell in love with.
It's short but the songs suits it well, and i love the clips =D
A must too watch.
Thank you Lostaway.
Luke and Noah Fan Video by Lostaway

When i watched this i can honestly say it made me cry.
One of the most touching video's i have seen of Nuke.
And yet again it was created by Lostaway =D.
Thank you Lostaway.

Who My Idols Are
Celine Dion;;
Celine Dion WallpaperThe Idols - This Is Redemption.This Is My LifeThe Idols - This Is Redemption.This Is My Life
This women means alot to me, since the age of 5 i always listened to her music, she has an amazing voice and she will always forever be my first and top most idol. For all the stuff she has done, i want too thank her for creating the songs and albums that she has.
And the amazing lyrics and video's that she has produced. I will never stop being one of her fans for the rest of my life :D.
Gerard Arthur Way;;
The Idols - This Is Redemption.This Is My LifeThe Idols - This Is Redemption.This Is My LifeThe Idols - This Is Redemption.This Is My Life
This guy is one of my other idols, he has been through so much and is still here standing taller and stronger than ever. He has helped me out so much, because he inspires me too stand up too the people who hate me and to be who i truelly should be. I want to thank him so much for being the beautiful amazing and talented man that he is.
Thank you Gerard your Fucking amazing :D.
home - Luke and Noah Wiki
Banners - Luke and Noah - As the World Turns
Thank you for visiting my profile :).
Goodbye. Vaarwel.Au revoir.Auf Wiedersehen.Αντίο.Arrivederci.Adeus.До свидания.Adiós

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RaindropsxForxTears Missing the kisses 1 Mar 20 2008, 6:20 AM EDT by Forever&Alwayz
Thread started: Mar 20 2008, 3:55 AM EDT  Watch
Ah it's been too long :(.
I miss them, i mean I'm glad there's still the hugs and head touches.
But it's not right without the loving kisses every now and then.
I teenage couple would never, just sit there and hug all the time.
They'd at least be doing more, they are being neglected that way.
(i sound like a broken record, so many people have probably already said this)
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