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Slogan: Cherish every moment as if its your last & only then you'll begin to live your life!
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Hey, I think you're super!3
Love your profile!2

Hello, my name is James :)
More about me:
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I love Van Hansis!!!
luke & noah in each other's armsFor the FF  Fist Anniversary
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luke & noah making out
we are together at last
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Beautiful couple:)
G'day fellas,
My name is James and I live in Sydney, Australia. I've been hooked into Luke & Noah ever since I started watching some u-tube clips only a month ago. Unfortunately they don't air this in Australia (what a shame!). I have only come to know this web site very recently.

I just can't help it, but I feel very warm & fuzzy inside whenever I tend to dwell on the thoughts of how these two love birds going to make out.

I love romantic comedies, kids cartoons and thrillers in general. Recent movies that I've liked would be 'Kungfu Panda', 'Madagascar - 2', 'Slum Dog Millionaire' & 'Hitch' to name a few.

My favourite sports are cricket and tennis. I've been playing cricket for the local club for almost 10 yrs. You probably can say that I'm a cricket fanatic. I tend to follow all the major games very closely. I like to be active and fit. My other hobbies include reading, playing Wii and going to gym.

Some of my favourite shows besides ATWT would be 90210, OC, Skins, Brothers & Sisters and Queer as Folk. Apart from these other programs that I like to watch 'So You Think You Can Dance', American & Australian Idol. I love cartoons and I regularly watch Simpsons, Futurama, South Park and Family Guy. My favourite would be the Simpsons, every day when I come from work I have to see the Simpson re-runs. I'll never get tired of watching old Simpson episodes. In terms of comedies the best ones have to be Seinfeld and Will & Grace.

My other passion would be listening to music. I love R&Bs. My favourite artists have to be Beyonce, Shakira, Usher & Rihanna. Not only they are good at what they do but they're sizzling hot! Not to mention their dancing specially Beyonce & Shakira.

I love kids and recently became an uncle. Its great to see kids smiling (especially the newborns) and all your worries simply vanishes!

During the weekends I do voluntary teaching. Teaching is my other passion.

I love animals too. I have a 2 and a 1/2 yr old kitten named 'jinxy' and a 4 yr old labrador named 'Max'.
What I love about Nuke:
More ATWT info:
Spoiler pic 1/12Spoiler pic 1/12 home - Luke and Noah Wikihome - Luke and Noah Wiki 1home - Luke and Noah Wiki home - Luke and Noah WikiATWT luke and noah dec08home - Luke and Noah Wiki
Luke and Noah
Luke and Noah first attraction
Nuke together
My favorite ATWT character:
Definitely Luke and Noah. Both of them are darn hot! I love each of them in a different way. Luke is cute, dorrible and innocent whereas Noah has fantastic body and lovely smile. Apart from these two I like Maddie, Jade and Kevin.

My favorite Nuke episode:
There are so many....... Some of the best ones would be:
*When Luke and Noah gets close after the swim.
* Luke tries to tie Noah's tie and then comes their FIRST KISS! Fantastic...
*When Luke was in the hospital, Noah asks "does that mean you want me to be your boyfriend" (and blushing)
*When Noah gave Luke the X'mas card expressing his feelings.
*When these two are ready to do it...they start jumping on the bed and take off their clothes and someone interrupts them in the middle (damn!)...
*But the memorable one would be when they finally did it - they are so cute together
I could go on forever!

If I lived in Oakdale...
I would have gone to meet these two and would have taken tonnes of photos with them. Would also try to know them more at a personal level, how they're really like. Try to get some pointers in terms of What to look for when it comes to finding your other half.

If I was a writer... Try to make sure that Luke and Noah gets closer and closer on every following episode. I definitely wouldn't have let Luke to kiss his granny's boyfriend!

If I was a director...Most likely would have brought in another young fella in between to test how their love survives - harsh but will make it more entertaining.

If I was an actor... If I'm an actor in ATWT, I would definitely make one of them fall for me and make the other very envious!!

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