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Hello, my name is Kendall!
More about me:

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I joined the Luke and Noah Wiki because: i Love nuke why else?

The best word to describe me is: Random

Interests: Dancing, Singing, Swimming, and watching ATWT

Favorite movies:27dresses, Star Wars Trilogy, Idiana Jones, A walk to remember

Favorite TV shows besides ATWT: ESPN, Sports Center, Brothers and sisters
What I love about Nuke: I <3 everything about Nuke
More ATWT info:
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My favorite ATWT character:Luciano (I love his name)

My favorite Nuke episode:there are so many good episodes why choose one?

If I lived in Oakdale...That would be awesome!!!!

If I was a writer...I would probably change the way their story works because things always seem to happen at times they shouldn't i would want to fix that

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