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Member since: Apr 26 2009, 10:53 AM EDT
Slogan: Luke and Noah 2gether 4ever!!!
Friends: 26
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Hey, I think you're super!1

Hello, my name is Katelyn!
More about me: I love Luke and Noah the are the best couple on TV, Nuke 2gether 4ever!


1st kiss

I joined the Luke and Noah Wiki because: I'm obsessed with the boys and this website has everything!!!

The best word to describe me is: CRAZY!

Interests: Luke and Noah obviously, acting, football, baseball, softball

Favorite movies: Forest Gump, Sweeny Todd, Rent, Another Gay Movie, Another Gay Sequal, Eating Out, Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds

Favorite TV shows besides ATWT: Full House, Saturday Night Live, SpongeBob SquarePants, Queer As

What else you should know about me: I am the toughest girl and everyone knows it to, I could kick your butt
What I love about Nuke: No matter what they always help eachother out and are always there even if they are fighting in a waty they are always close!
More ATWT info:

I <3 Nuke!


I don't mean to be a perv but...

My favorite ATWT character: Noah

My favorite Nuke episode: I can't decide I love them All even the ones when they fight!

If I lived in Oakdale... I would be on Luke foundation

If I was a writer... I would give nuke a sex scene

If I was a director... I would shoot Luke and Noah in bed waking up in their new appartment

If I was an actor... I would be Luke and Noah's best coulpe friend

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Thread started: May 23 2009, 3:59 PM EDT  Watch
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krazykatexoxo Save ATWT 0 May 22 2009, 6:01 PM EDT by krazykatexoxo
Thread started: May 22 2009, 6:01 PM EDT  Watch
ATWT will go off the air of April 2010 if it does not get more viewings it will go off the air and what will happen with luke and noah please add to this chain saying "i will watch ATWT everyday" or something along those lines i am, and i am going to try to save ATWT

I will watch ATWT everyday!!!!! <3
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