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Member since: Mar 8 2009, 10:14 AM EDT
Slogan: Whenever you touch me, I get all tingly... but right now I think it's just my cellphone vibrating. <3
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Hello, my name is Marie.
More about me:

I joined the Luke and Noah Wiki because: I just couldn't do otherwise. These 2 are simply too adorable. and too freaking addictive =D.
The best word to describe me is: sensitive.

Interests: fahsion, books, friends, music, movies.

Favorite movies: a walk to remember, grease, lost and delirious.

Favorite TV shows besides ATWT: besides ATWT!? =O
Um.. Greek, 90210, Les Invincibles (french show, funny as hell) Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, The Cleaner, Desperate Housewives.
Oh God, I must look like a spoiled girly brat. But I'm not ^^. I just love girly shows.

What else you should know about me: I'm not trying to be someone I'm not. I'm very friendly. If you have any question, just ask =D.
What I love about Nuke:
More ATWT info:
My favorite ATWT character: Luke. Noah comes second. ahah :)

My favorite Nuke episode: Can't choose between their first 'touching scene', their first kiss or the first time they do the 'wild thing' LMFAO.

If I lived in Oakdale... I would bring some peace and quiet because they sure as hell need some xD sorta like Modern Gay lover Mother Theresa.. but don't worry, I'd cause a little drama too from time to time just to keep everyone entertained.

If I was a writer... I'd try writing some realistic storyline for a change =D.

If I was a director... I would make damn sure Nuke kiss more. A LOT MORE.

If I was an actor... I would obviously, thanks to my amazing talent, be on ATWT as Luke's BFF, who he'd tell everything to about his love story with Noah!

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