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Member since: May 29 2008, 6:17 PM EDT
Slogan: Life be meaningless without Nuke
Friends: 22
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More about me:
I joined the Luke and Noah Wiki because: It is a truth universally acknowledged that Luke + Noah = quintessential love
The best word to describe me is: Enthusiasm
Interests: Band, ballroom dancing, going to the movies, GSA, and hanging out with friends
Favorite movies: Changeling, Nothing But the Truth, Milk, and An American Crime
Favorite TV shows besides ATWT: Dante's Cove and The Mentalist
What else you should know about me: I'm Mexican

More ATWT info:
My favorite ATWT character: Emily
My favorite Nuke episode: Is 159, where they kiss 6 times.
If I lived in Oakdale...I would immediately befriend Luke and Noah
If I was a writer...I would let the whole world know about Luke and Noah's beautiful love
If I was a director...I would get Luke and Noah more involved in the gay community =)
If I was an actor...I would have a photo of Luke and Noah on my dresser to inspire me everyday!

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I just love Noah lovers!
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