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Hey Everyone!!!
My name is Jennifer. I'm a college student from good ol' New Jersey! My fav tv shows are obviously ATWT & I just became a fan of QAF. Also, im in love with the british show SKINS! I LOVE music!! I always update my playlist to the right ------------------------------------------------------> with all my favs! im really into alternative, pop rock, and some r&b/hip-hop.. basically anything you can dance to! if its got a beat.. u can prob bet that im dancing and singing along! Im really a pretty quiet person, but i love to hang with my friends! they bring out the best in me. O and just thought i'd add that Luke and Noah are totally my guilty pleasure! I can't get enough of em!

home - Luke and Noah Wiki

Luke Reading Twilight

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Luke and Noah
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home - Luke and Noah Wiki
home - Luke and Noah Wiki
Other shows I watch:
Fisica O quima

The Fer and David Story:
Fer and David
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My Other Obsessions
QAF: Brian and Justin
home - Luke and Noah Wikibrian n justin
home - Luke and Noah Wiki

And of Course.....TWILIGHT!!!


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So happy, I didn't even cross myself and throw salt over my shoulder and kiss my statue of Mary and sanitize my laptop after seeing the Twilight pictures. Great profile! <3
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