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Member since: Mar 3 2009, 1:39 PM EST
Slogan: Hey I love those guys and it has little to do with the fact that they're gay, but I definetly think it helps! LOL
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Sup, my name is Alex
More about me-
nukelova's first banner I will do whatever I need to to keep them
on the air. I don't care if they have to get their own show Luke/ Van and Noah/ Jake will stay on all of our screens.(If they choose to of course) <3 =) peace

Jake and Van deserve like 19 Emmies
by now. They're such great actors.Not to mention brave. ATWT would so fail without them.
I joined the Luke and Noah Wiki because:I love theLuke and Noah story line and no one understands why. I joined cause now I know I'm not alone.

The best words to describe me are: Determined, Sarcastic, Friendly.

Interests: Luke and Noah(Duhh!) <3 Writing, and singing. I love my violin.

Favorite movies: Brokeback Mountain, the Dark Knight,
John Tucker Must Die is amazing too.

Favorite TV shows besides ATWT: Life with Derek, Powerpuff girls, Queer as folk, Ned's Declassified school survival guide,Spongebob!!!!!!

What else you should know about me: I love to talk and I am addicted to my Ipod. Born Straight refuse to hate.
I can understand how being gay can end the world because you can't reproduce but have homophobes even considered surrogates. Excuses, Excuses, I say just let them be. There is always a way out and a way back in!!!

What I love about Nuke:
My Faves and Wat I would I do
Nuke Kiss
I love Nuke because they are both so cute and really honest. I love the fact that Luke helped Noah out the closet and that Noah is so forgiving. Luke and Noah are amazing together. =) How can this possibly be wrong? nuke hawt Mah bucth fac <My fav Icons>[Untitled]Mega CUTECutest in da world
[Untitled]jake is so hawt wowLuke<3 him some Noah!!

hellz yeah mega cute!
Noah is cute and funny Smirk Holden chatznukelova's door sign

My Favorite Fan Fics on this site are-
(No particular order)

Blame It on the weather(How I discovered the wiki)
What do you like
Close Encounters
Stress Relief
Farm Boy
I love anything written by Ithilien22
The kiss
Studying Luke
True Love: A Luke and Noah story
Luke's thoughts on the first kiss
Luke's Awakening
I love most of sweetlikeD's stuff too
Forbidden Kiss
Day Dreams
Finally Alone Together
Pure Bliss
Do, Don't, Won't
Issues(Best reenactment ever)
Brothers And Sisters chapter 12
Love of a lifetime- Chapter 3
A Busy Week

Classic Brian-------->
=),<3, peace
My favorite ATWT character:Noah is annoying the hell out of me right now. And i am really starting to love this luke and reid story line. REID IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER FOR NOW
My favorite Nuke episode: Part 153(lukevan fan) I luv when they jump on the bed then do the switcharoo because of ICE.All my faves are on my you tube account- struglefighter3 (I know....... when I registered I forgot the second "g"- My bad!!) I love the Reid and Luke kisses FOR NOW
I also love nuke's first and second kiss, that almost kiss at the door at woak, that almost kiss at the cottage, They're all so cute. Ticked off Noah is really cute, he loves Luke so much!!
If I lived in Oakdale... I would probably be in the Noah/ Luke/ Reg(rip)/Casey/ Alison group
or kick it with Henry.

If I was a writer..I'd give Luke and Reid more screen time

If I was an actor...I'd join the cast of As the World Turns and I'd like to take the role of Alison's possible cousin.

I am luke

Luke looks so godly and Noah knows
he can't resist that hawtness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awww Luke is so cute!!
For the Standalone 'Oakdale Hill'
(Kudos to whoeva made this)

I am so addicted!!!!! <3 =) peace,


Jake and Van
Best Buds by day
Action Figure Models by Night
(Gotta Luv dis Pic)

men of action

preciouswhy yeah

butch plz

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