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Slogan: worth the wait...just to watch Luke and Noah together...
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Name: Felicity
From: Australia (Perth WA)Tv shows: As the world turns, Grey's Anatomy, Friends and Frasier
i'm noah!aww :D

About me: I am a straight female and I am a supporter of Gay rights. When i first starting watching Luke and Noah i found it very hard to stop watching (big big thankyou to Lukevanfan! :D). I still can't stop watching their story-line! What i love about Luke and Noah's story-line is the keep it as real as possible! I don't know what i would do if Van and Jake left Atwt-probably panic!-And i also believe that they are all terrific actors on Atwt! :D :D :D :D
-the only thing that is bad about ATWT is i never seem to get my work done and i always wind up leaving work early just so i can go onto you-tube and watch the recent Luke and Noah episode. :D

Nuke xmas 08Luke and Noah photoshoot :Dluke and noah
one of the best photos!! EVER!:D
awww luke and noahnuke!

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i love this couple
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