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Member since: May 10 2009, 10:21 AM EDT
Slogan: "Of the many different lives that can be lived, which is the one that's going to inspire you?"- Naomi Barr
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Hello, my name is Samantha!
More about me:

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I joined the Luke and Noah Wiki because:
I wanted to be involved with the fandom community! It's been wonderful so far!

The best word to describe me is:

I'm an activist for LGBTQ rights, and for women's health and rights. I'd love to talk about it! <3

Favorite movies:

Favorite TV shows besides ATWT:
Recently, I mostly watch HBO shows. They're just so good.

What else you should know about me:
I write for a blog called Amplify. It's at Here's a link to my page! Please do check it out!!

I also write poetry, which you can read at this link!

Also, I'm 23 and I'm from Illinois. <3
What I love about Nuke:
It warms my heart to see a gay couple in love.
More ATWT info:
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My favorite ATWT character:
Do I really have to decide between Luke and Noah?!

My favorite Nuke episode:
Well, my favorite kiss (so far) is the "Do you believe me" kiss before New Year's.

If I lived in Oakdale...
I would stalk Luke and Noah, hoping to catch some hot action. :-)

If I was a writer...
I would make things make sense. And send the stupid, annoying characters to far away places for extended amounts of time.

If I was a director...
I would show Luke and Noah in bed together.

If I was an actor...
Well, I am an actress, so I would enjoy that, even though I prefer theater. And to see Van and Jake and act with them...bliss. :-)

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