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Title: 5 Years Later
Chapter: 1 of 1
Rating: G
Summary: Luke, Noah, and the entire Snyder family celebrate and remembers Holden 5 years later
Characters: Luke, Noah, Lily, Faith, Natalie, Ethan, Anthony, Damian, Emma, Holden(mention)
Genre: sadness, romance, a little bit of angst
Warnings: grave scene
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Luke woke up, just as the sun was rising. It was a brand new day, but a sad one. Today, was the year anniversary of his father's death. Getting out of bed, he went straight to the window of the apartment he shared with his husband of 2 years, Noah. Luke stared out the window, looking up, as the sun rose very high in the sky. He knew that his father was always up at the crack of dawn, but today Holden Snyder would not be up. Tears began to come down Luke's face as he missed his dad so much...... since that fateful day when the car went over the ravine, smashing and exploding with Holden and a stranger inside. Holden wasn't supposed to die....not this soon.

Noah turned over in the bed, noticing the empty spot next to him. He then realized what today was. The man who was like a father to him....more than his own father was....was gone 5 long years. Since then, Noah graduated and began working for WOAK as the head of production...... but the highlight was the day he proposed to the man he had fallen in love with 4 years earlier. The first time he met Luke, it was right where he was interning 5 years earlier. Right then and there, he got to know this smart, but absolutely gorgeous blond-haired man..... but as a friend in the beginning. They spent time together, not knowing that they would soon be attracted to each other. Almost a year later, Luke finally told him the truth...that he liked him very much, and that he was attracted to him. It didn't take Noah long to also confess that he had fallen in love with Luke. After the confessions came out:

Flashback: 5 years earlier, at Synder Pond
"Noah?", Luke asked him.
"Yes?", Noah answered him back, relieved that he told him the truth.
"Now that we got this all out in the open, now what?", Luke asked, as he took Noah's hand in his.
"I think we should take this one step at a time, ok?", Noah answered, as he stared at those beautiful brown eyes.
"Sounds like a plan, Luke answered, as they both intertwined their fingers together, but there's just one thing missing."
"And what, may I ask, Luke Snyder, is that?", Noah asked.
"This,", Luke said, as he leaned over, and kissed Noah for the very first time.
Noah responded, with a sense of happiness coming over him, as he pulled Luke in closer, holding him tight.
After the kiss, they hugged each other very tight, cause they waited so long to be together.
End of Flashback

Noah got right out of the bed, and could see his husband by the window, crying. He put his arms around his husband's body, and laid his head on Luke's shoulder. Luke knew he was there, so he leaned into his husband and cried again. Pretty soon Noah was also in tears, as they were remembering their dad/father-in-law. Holden would have been proud of both of them....the day Noah proposed to Luke, they were both thinking about Holden, and how proud he would have been of his son and soon to be son-in-law.

Flashback.... Worldwide, 3 years earlier:

Luke was right in the middle of preparing the work needed to be done for the upcoming fundraiser, when a delivery boy came in with a package.
“Mr. Snyder?”, the boy asked.
“There’s more than one male Snyder here, Luke said as he looked at Ethan, now 16, on the computer IMing with his friends, is it for me, or my brother Ethan?”
“This is actually for Luke, not Ethan, sir.”, the an answered.
“Oh, Luke said, than that must be for me. Thank you so much.”
The delivery boy left, but not before Luke realized who was behind those clothes and glasses.
“Noah Mayer, Luke said to himself, what are you up to now?”
Luke opened the package, and inside was a note, and a key.

It said:

To my sweet love,
I have something to ask you, but I want it to get it right.
Meet me after work at Metro’s and you’ll find out.
Trust me, you will love what I have planned for us tonight.
All my love,

“Awwwwww, Ethan said, Noah’s so nice to send you that note....he's such a wonderful boyfriend."
"I wonder what the key is for?, Luke asked, as he looked at it, hmmmmm....guess I have to find out what it's for."
"Wish my boyfriend would do that for me. Ethan said, as he thought of his sexy man Anthony(and yes he's the same as Luke).
"I bet you when you're 21, you'll feel the same way about Anthony, since he reminds me of Noah so much.", Luke said. as hr hugged his little brother.
At Metro's, Noah and Luke were having a good time alone. They had the whole place to themselves, but Noah had one thing on his mind. He picked the perfect song:

"Luke, the past 3 years I have never met a wonderful man that could change my life in an instant. From the moment I met you, I knew that in a matter of time I would fall deeply in love with you. What I meant to say is, Luciano Grimaldi Snyder, will you marry me?'", Noah said, as he got on his knees, and showed Luke a box with 2 silver engagement rings.
"Get up silly boy, Luke said, with tears in his eyes, cause I'll marry you any day....I mean YES!!!!"
The next thing they knew, they were in each other's arms kissing very passionately.
End of Flashback

"Baby, it's alright, Noah said to his husband, as he wiped their tears away, today is a celebration of his life, and we're sharing it with the ones we love."
"I know, Luke said, but Dad would have loved to see Ethan and Anthony together. Imagine my little brother, out of the closet like his big brother."
"Gee that would have been a shocker, Noah said, Holden finding out 2 out of his 3 boys are out and proud."
"No, Luke said, he would have treated Ethan the same way he accepted me when I was his age. And Anthony reminds me of you so much...those baby blue eyes, and how loving and amazing you are to me."
Noah pulled Luke into his arms and held his husband tight.
"Do you know how much I love you Luke Snyder-Mayer?", Noah asked his loving husband.
"Every single moment of everyday since the day we got together., Luke answered, as he caressed his husband's hair, but I think we need to get a move on. We gotta be at Grandma's by noon.
“Oh we have 3 hours baby, but I want you so bad right now!!, Noah said, as he raced to the bathroom, last one in is a rotten egg!!”
“Oh no you don’t Mayer, Luke said, as he pushed past Noah, sprinting and laughing, you’ll have to catch me first!!!”

About an hour later, and after having mind-blowing sex in the shower, Luke and Noah were ready to leave for the farm. Luke looked at a picture of his dad, and started to burst into tears once again. He got so upset, that he broke the frame into pieces. Noah heard the crash, and ran into the living room to see Luke at the point of losing it. Luke was standing there, crushing the frame into pieces with his feet.

“Damn it Dad, Luke said, why did you have to leave me when I needed you the most?? I should be celebrating your life today, but why can’t I do it?? Why can’t I tell you how much I miss you, and that I love you?? Why?? Why?? WHYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“Luke, Noah said, grabbing him from behind, and holding him tight, he does love you no matter if he’s here or not. This is supposed to be a special day, and you have to nearly have a mental breakdown before we leave??”
“I’m sorry, Luke said, as he cried very hard, this shouldn’t be hard!!”
“I love you, Noah said, as he kissed Luke’s shoulder, and we can get through this together. Now let’s go, and no more complaining ok? Or I’ll spank that ass when we get home!!”

Luke turned around, and hugged his husband very tight. He looked into those baby blue eyes he loved so much, and leaned up to kiss Noah. Noah responded back very passionately, as he pulled Luke in very tight. Luke tried so hard to keep them from going to the farm, but Noah wouldn’t allow it. They grabbed a dustpan, cleaning up the broken frame before leaving.

At the farm, everyone was there, already to celebrate Holden’s life. But Lily and Luke were the only ones that were still somewhat traumatized by his death 5 years earlier. Lily, who still missed Holden, had moved on and re-married Damian, so that he can be there for her, Luke, and the other kids. At first, Faith and Natalie were not happy with him, especially Faith, but Ethan and Luke were thrilled he was in their lives. Now that Anthony was a part of Ethan’s life, he and Noah got along very well, while the two brothers watched their lovers enjoy each other’s company. Luke put an arm around his little brother, as Ethan smiled at his big brother.

“He really is amazing, isn’t he, Luke?”, Ethan asked, as he saw his boyfriend and brother-in-law laughing it up.
“Dad would have loved him, like he did Noah, Luke answered, as he looked at his brother, all grown up and just like him.
“ You miss him Luke?”, Ethan asked.
“Every day, Luke said, but I’m just so glad to have Mom, you, our sisters and Aaron, Damian, and Noah in our lives.”
“Alright everyone, Emma said, it’s time to eat!!”
“Come on babe, Anthony said, let’s get a good seat.”
“Coming baby?”, Noah asked his husband.
“Anything for you sweetie.”, Ethan said, as he kissed his boyfriend.
“Yeah, I’m coming, Luke said, Ethan and Anthony!! Sit with us!!”

After spending time eating and enjoying each other’s company, Luke and Ethan had something up their sleeves. They, plus Noah, Anthony, Faith, and Natalie headed down to the cemetery together. When all 6 of them arrived at Holden’s grave, Luke and Ethan each handed them a rose.

“We are here to celebrate Dad’s life 5 years later, Ethan said, so today Luke and I came up with an idea.”
“My little brother and I decided, Luke said, as each one of you comes up, say what’s in your heart to Dad, and place the rose on his grave. Ethan since you’re the youngest, you go first, then Anthony, Nat, Faith, Noah, and then me last.”

Ethan came up and said, “Dad, even though I only knew you for 11 years, you meant so much to me. You taught me to ride a horse, and the meaning of love. Now Anthony is a part of my life, so I will pass it on to him. I love you Dad.”
Anthony kissed Ethan’s cheek, as he went next. “I wish I could have gotten to know you Mr. Snyder, but Ethan told me a lot about you. He is a wonderful guy, your son, and I am so glad to be in his life now. So thank you.”
Natalie and Faith went up together as one. “Dad, I wish you could see how grown up your daughters are., Faith said, and I miss my talks with you about boys and other stuff.” Natalie spoke up and said, “Dad, I can remember the mornings we had pancakes together as a family, and you and Luke would make them huge. But Luke was never a good cook, and he would burn them somewhat(stares at Luke, who wanted to kick her in the butt), but you always managed to cheer him up. That’s what I love about you, and I will remember all the good times and bad.”
Then Luke and Noah were the last to come up.
“You sure you can do this after this morning?”, Noah asked.
“Yes, I think I can.”, Luke said, as he kissed Noah’s luscious lips.
Noah went up, and had tears in his eyes, but Luke was right behind him for support.
“Who would think that 5 years later, I could call you my dad., Noah started to say, You are the reason I can live my life as a gay man. You are the reason that I could get through to Luke when he was in that wheelchair that my father......Noah stops for a moment and cries....that he put him in. And now here I am, married to your son, who I love so very much. And this I promise you, I will remember you every time I look at Luke. Now I think your son has something to say. I love you Dad..”
Luke stood there in silence at first, but he looked back at his husband, and then took a breath and began to speak. “Dad, from the moment you delivered me on that day, to the day you figured out I was gay, to the day you accepted Noah like a son, you have been the biggest influence in my life. I will miss all the talks we had, the fishing and camping trips we had, and yes the fun we had working in the stables at 5am everyday. I love you Dad, and I wish you could see how happy I am with Noah, but I know you are smiling down on us.”
After Luke put the last rose down, Noah held his husband in his arms, as they cried together. Natalie and Faith hugged them, as Anthony and Ethan joined them. The 6 of them cried together in the biggest hug ever, remembering Holden Snyder as a husband, father, and friend to all.

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