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Title: A Mayer Meets A Snyder
Chapter: 1 of ?
Rating: G
Summary: Noah, age 10, and his dad move to Oakdale; Noah meets Scott and his cousin Luke, who he becomes good friends with.
Characters: Noah, Winston, Luke, Scott, Faith, Natalie, Ethan, Lily, Holden
Genre: cuteness, drama
Warnings: none
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Each chapter will deal with a POV...The 1st chapter will deal with Noah's POV.

It all started when I was just 10. My father and I moved from Fort Branson, to a town in Oakdale, Illinois. Mom had died when I was just a baby, so my dad, Winston, raised me on his own. The car pulled up at our new house, as I looked around. There were children playing in their yards, riding their bikes past. Dad looked back at me, and smiled.

"Well, son, Winston said to Noah, here's our new home. You're gonna like it here."
" I guess so, Noah said, still staring out the window, I wish Mom could see this."
" I know Noah, Winston said, but she's been gone for most of your life. And if she was here, she would make sure you had a normal life."

A ball rolls up against Dad's car, as I got out. I picked it up, as an older boy came over. He was about 12, with brown hair and blue eyes. Another boy, who was about the same age as I was, came right behind him.

" Come on Scott, Luke said, let's get this game going!"
" Oh sorry,I said, handing Scott the ball, you better get back to the game."
" Come on son, my dad said, you can play with the kids later."
" Aw Dad, I said, just a few minutes?"
" No!, Winston said, we got unpacking to do first. You can see them tomorrow."

Dad takes my hand, as we head over to the house. Luke and Scott watched us as we left. Luke, the younger of the two, is sad. He really wanted to meet me, but seeing my military man of a father kinda scared him somewhat. Scott squeezed his little cousin's shoulder, and then the two left.
In the house, I got settled into my room.I then started to unpack, when I could hear the other kids play around outside. I stopped for a minute, wishing that I could be out there with them.

I was looking out the window, seeing Scott and Luke playing one on one. Luke was beating his a'ss, and I laughed when I saw Scott fall down. But then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, so I shut the window, and got back to unpacking. It was Dad, who was just making sure I was alright. It was just not right that I couldn't unpack later, but Dad insisted I at least start it right away. He sat down on the bed with me, and we had one of our famous talks.

" Now son, Dad said, we may be living in a new town, but the rules stay the same. If you're gonna be at a friend's house, you come ask me first, ok?"
" Yes sir.", I said, dreading the words, as I hated saying it.
" And I will decide if you can have any of your friends over, until I meet their parents, ok?", Dad asked as well.
" Ok.", I said, wishing he wouldn't ask that.
" I'm gonna go to the store, and get some food. You gonna be alright here by yourself?", Dad asked me.
" Yeah, I guess.", I answered.
" Be good till I get back, ok?", Dad asked.
" Alright.", I answered, as he hugged me.
The next day, was my first day at Oakdale Elementary. Dad decided to drive me on the 1st day, so he could make sure I got there on time. As we pulled up to the school, I saw Luke, and his two sisters getting out of another car. I didn't see Scott at all, so I figured he was either sick, or at another school. As Dad opened the door, I saw Luke's mom talking to him. She was about Mom's age, and very pretty. Luke saw me, and waved. Dad looked at me funny, and decided to meet him and his mother. I felt embarrassed, because Dad was either gonna tell Luke's mom what to do, or tell her something bad about me. As he approached Lily Snyder, another man appeared from the car. It was Luke's dad, Holden. You could say he was about Dad's age, and muscular. Holden brought out 2 other children. One was a little younger than I was. a girl with short brown hair, and blue eyes...the other was much younger, with her brown hair in ponytails. That was Luke's sisters, Faith and Natalie. The little boy Luke was holding, was his baby brother, Ethan. He looked just like Luke...brown hair and brown eyes.

"Well hello again. Sorry about yesterday, but my son and I were so tired that we didn't get a chance to introduce ourselves. I'm Winston Mayer, and this is my son, Noah.", Dad said, as he shook Holden's hand.
" Holden Snyder, Luke's dad said, and this is my wife, Lily. Of course you know Luke, and these are my other children, Faith, Natalie, and Ethan. Say hello to Mr. Mayer and Noah."
" Hi!", Faith and Natalie said.
"Dada!", Ethan said, making everyone laugh.
" Well, isn't he a cutie., Dad said, I bet he's a sweet little boy to have such wonderful parents."
" He sure is Winston, Lily said, as I came out from behind Dad, but your son seems a little bit shy. Noah, this is my son, Luke. He's your age too."
" Well, I finally get to meet you., Luke said, Hi Noah."
" H..h..hi Luke., I said, a little scared of making new friends, I'm Noah. Sorry about yesterday."
" It's ok, Luke said, my cousin and I play a lot sometimes."
" Say, where is your cousin?", I asked.
" Oh, he goes to junior high school, Luke explained, as Dad, and Luke's parents were talking, He's in the 6th grade. You'll see him later."
" Oh ok, I said, feeling a little bit better, as the school bell rang, I think we should get to class."
" Who's your homeroom teacher?", Luke asked me.
" Dad? Who's my teacher?", I asked.
" Mrs. Jenkins, Room 101", Dad said.
" Wow!, Luke said to me, that's who I have. Mr. Mayer, is it ok if I take Noah to class?"
" Sure, Dad said, why not? Have a good day son."

I hugged Dad, as Luke grabbed my hand, and we ran off to class. Dad and Luke's mom talked a bit more, as Luke and I left. I felt so much better, knowing that Luke and I could be good friends. But I was a little bit worried that my dad would control me. I didn't care, because I was not like him.

TBC: Luke's POV in the next chapter; Noah meets Casey and Adam; Noah plays over at Luke's house with Luke and Scott.

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