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Chapter: 1/1
Rating: G
Summary: This is a sort of what if/ continuation from the november 25 ep. What if Brian hadn't interrupted Nuke's moment.
Characters: Luke, Noah,Holden
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“Maybe you should ask Brian” Luke said and turned to walk away.

“I’m not asking Brian, I’m asking you, Luke. What’s going on? You can tell me.” Noah pleaded and Luke turned around.

“No Noah, I can’t. That’s the whole point. I can’t tell anyone. Especially not here with half of my family within earshot.” Luke snapped.

“Is that what the problem is? That your family is around? Wait here.” Noah said as he walked back into the farm house to grab Luke’s jacket and thanked every god he could think of that the kitchen was empty except for Holden.

"Holden, Luke is coming with me for a while. We uh.. have some things to talk about.” He said feeling a little unsure all of a sudden.

“Ok. Have him call me if he’s not coming home tonight.” Holden said knowingly and went back to cleaning the kitchen.

Noah nodded and went outside again hoping Luke would still be standing where he left him.

“Come on, let’s go.” He said, handing Luke his jacket and walked to his truck.

“Go where exactly?” Luke asked daringly, crossing his arms in front of his chest again.

“I am not some little kid that you just tell to get in the car and be quiet. And why should I go with you anyway? It’s not like you care about me. It’s not like you’re my boyfriend anymore. You dumped me remember?”

“I didn’t dump you. I just needed some time to think and so did you. Now will you please get in the car so we can go somewhere to talk?” Noah asked as he put his hand on Luke’s arm and looked him in the eye.

Luke sighed but didn’t move.

“Please? I want to know what’s bothering you so I can help you.” Noah said almost begging.

“You can’t help me Noah. No-one can. I have to deal with this on my own” Luke said and Noah swore he saw tears in his boyfriend’s eyes.

“If you don’t tell me what’s wrong I definitely won’t be able to help you. Now come with me, please.” Noah said taking Luke’s hand and dragging him to the truck.

After they had driven for about 10 minutes in uncomfortable silence Luke couldn’t take it anymore.

“So uh.. where have you been staying? At the dorms?” He asked Noah who shook his head in reply.

“No at Jeff’s place.” Noah answered, not taking his eyes of the road.

“Jeff’s place?” Luke asked surprised. “As in the Jeff you work with at Java?”

“Yeah.. when I left the farm I didn’t really have anywhere to go and I somehow ended up at work.. and then Jeff asked me what was wrong.. so I told him what happened and he said I could sleep on his sofa for as long as I wanted..” Noah explained, still not looking at Luke.

“Oh.. right.. ok..that’s uh.. nice of him.” Luke said and felt himself get extremely jealous of Jeff. He wanted to be the first person that Noah saw in the morning and the last at night. He wanted to share meals with Noah and watch TV together. Jeff had no right to doing those things with Noah.

“Yeah it is. But I do feel like a third wheel there because his girlfriend is there almost every day and I feel like I’m intruding you know..” Noah said with a sad look on his face.

Come back home with me. Luke thought but didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to get turned down again.


“Ok here we are.” Noah said switching off the engine and unbuckling his seatbelt. “You coming?” He asked Luke as he got out of the car.

“We’re in Oldtowne.” Luke said getting out of the car too.

“Yes, we are.” Noah said grinning.

“I thought you wanted to go somewhere to talk.. is Jeff’s place near here or something?” Luke asked confused.

“Yes it is. But that’s not where we’re going. And before you ask, we’re not going to Java either.” Noah added quickly.

“Where are we going then?” Luke asked as he ran a few steps to catch up with Noah.

“Somewhere where we can talk and where no-one will interrupt us.” Noah said mysteriously.

Luke frowned but decided to just keep quiet and see what Noah had in mind.

“This is the quiet place where we can talk? A bench in the middle of Oldtowne?” Luke said trying to hold back his laughter.

“Yes it’s the perfect place. It’s Thanksgiving so everyone is with their families tonight so there won’t be anyone walking around Oldtowne that could possibly interrupt us.” Noah explained and hoped he was right.

He sat down on the bench and Luke sighed an joined him. They sat in silence for a while, neither boy really knew where to start.

“I’m sorry” they said at the same time and burst out laughing.

“I guess we both screwed up huh?” Noah said when he finally calmed down enough to talk.

“Yeah, we did.” Luke said wiping tears of laughter from his face.

“I’m sorry I was naive enough to think nothing would happen to you or Casey after I told the dean about the whole election mess. Maybe I should have lied for you.. like you did for me during the I.C.E. thing..” Noah said choosing his words carefully.

He looked down and realised he had taken Luke’s hands in his without even noticing he had. It brought a smile to his face as he thought back to last year when he had been afraid to touch Luke in public.

“No Noah you did the right thing.” Luke said sadly.“I screwed up and I probably would’ve turned myself in sooner or later anyway. Kevin just made me feel like I was back in high school again..And I swore no-one would ever make me feel like that again after I graduated..” He said and Noah pulled him close.

“Things got out of hand, for the both of us. Do you think you can forgive me?” Noah asked and Luke couldn’t believe what he’d just heard.

“Forgive you? What for? I got myself and my best friend expelled because I let Kevin get to me. I don’t remember everything but I know I said some pretty horrible stuff to you and Casey and Alison..” Luke said close to tears.

“So can you forgive me?”

“Of course I can. But I should have stood by you instead of pushing you away.” Noah said remorseful. “You started drinking again because of me.”

“NO! That was my own stupid mistake. Don’t you feel guilty about that please.” Luke pleaded. “My life is just so.. messed up right now..”

“You know you can tell me anything right?” Noah said looking his boyfriend in the eye.

“Yes.. but not here.” Luke said getting up from the bench and holding out his hand for Noah to take.


“Where do you want to go?” Noah asked as he started the truck.

“Home. To the pond.” Luke answered determined.

“Ok.. the pond it is. But I thought you wanted to get away from your family..” Noah said looking at Luke.

“Yes I did and thanks for making me get in the car. But telling you this will be hard enough without having to think about the fact someone might hear me. Someone that shouldn’t hear it. I promise I’ll tell you everything when we get to the pond.” Luke said giving Noah an unconvincing smile.

“Alright.” Noah said and started to drive to the farm while trying to think of what it was Luke wanted to tell him.

They got to the farm and Noah parked the truck in front of the house.

“Everything is dark. I guess everyone is gone already and grandma went to bed.” Noah said.

“Uh yeah I guess..” Luke said nervously fumbling with his jacket.

“So uh shall we go to the pond then? Before I lose my nerve.”

Noah just gave him a reassuring smile and wrapped an arm around his waist as they walked to the pond and sat down at Luke’s favourite spot. Underneath a large tree that gave you plenty of shadow on a warm summer’s day and protected you from rain and snow in winter. He always came here to think. It was his place to get away from everything.

“We should’ve taken the blanket I have in the truck with us. I think it’s actually freezing tonight.” Noah said as they sat down on the cold ground.

Noah was nervous. He didn’t know what Luke had to tell him and his over active imagination wasn’t helping him calm down. What if Luke cheated on him? What if he’d taken Reg up on one of his many offers? What if he doesn’t want to be with me anymore but didn’t want to tell me in Oldtowne?

“Please promise me you will only listen. Don’t interrupt me or I’ll definitely lose my nerve.” Luke started.

Noah nodded and Luke took a deep breath and continued.

“I love you Noah. And nothing will ever change that. I just hope you feel the same way and will still do after you’ve heard what I have to say.” Luke said looking Noah in the eye.

“I love you too and nothing you say can change that.” Noah said putting an arm around Luke.

“Ok.. remember when you found me in Oldtowne and drove me home? The night my grandmother married.. Him?” Luke said staring at the water.

“Yeah..” Noah said encouraging his boyfriend to continue his story.

“Well I don’t know how but I somehow ended up on the road somewhere and Brian found me and took me home. I’d been sick and he told me to go take a shower and when I came back down I ended up crying in his arms.. and then.. he kissed me. And I kissed him back but only for a second.. I thought I was kissing you..that you came back to me.” Luke said almost whispering the last part of his confession.

“I never left you. Not really. I could never do that. But right now I want to go kill Wheatly for taking advantage of you.” Noah said getting angry and tried to stand up only to be pulled back down by his boyfriend.

“No Noah don’t. The reason I haven’t said anything yet is because of my grandmother. She loves him. He makes her happy. If I tell her I’ll be the one that destroys that happiness. I can’t do that and He knows that.” Luke said with sadness and anger in his voice.

“You have to tell someone. Lucinda is going to find out sooner or later and it will only hurt her more when she finds out you knew and never said anything.”

Luke groaned and let himself fall backwards on the grass and just stared up at the stars, hoping to find an answer there.


“I should go..” Noah said softly as they walked into the kitchen little while later.

“Why? This is your home Noah. You live here too. And uh.. I really want you to stay with me tonight.” Luke said shyly looking up into his boyfriends face.

“But what about your grandma’s rules?” Noah asked looking at the door to the stairs.

“I don’t care about that right now. I just want to fall asleep in your arms tonight and wake up the same way tomorrow morning. Will you stay here with me?” Luke asked hopeful.

Ok I’ll stay. Noah said softly and let Luke lead him upstairs and into his bedroom.

They got into bed together and wrapped their arms around each other. Noah felt his eyelids get heavy and he could tell by Luke’s breathing he was almost asleep too.

“Luke? Are you still awake?” he whispered.

Luke sleepily opened his eyes and looked at him.

“I forgot to say something.. Happy Thanksgiving” Noah said smiling and kissed his boyfriend.

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