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Title: A true love in the hell of the war
Chapter: 1/5--He's coming
Rating: G
Summary: This is a short introduction, when we recognize some characters
Characters: Luke, Noah, Holden
Genre: Drama, Romace
Warnings: None
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English is not my native language! Sorry for the mistakes!!!
(I know there are many in my story, but I hope you understand everything)

USA, Gettysburg, 1863

1863, was the third year in the American Civil War. This year was the turning-point, because William T. Sherman's soldiers were closer and closer to the town. Gettysburg was one of the most important south central. Inhabitants of Gettysburg afeard. Who could escaped. The Snyder family lives here for decades, they were the most famous and richest family in the town. Snyders were a classical south family. Proud and patriot. So the town was already empty, but the head Holden Snyder could't to decide. He didn't want to leave his hometown. But he knew, the time of the departure is coming...Quickly...Too quickly...The enemy is in front of the town.

Holden and his son Luke Snyder standing before the house and talking about the war softly. It was a cold and windy early night in July, but the stars and the Moon are glittered on thy sky.
- Dad!
- Hm?
- Can I ask you something?
- Of course, Luke.
- We will lose? - asked he with sober voice. Luke was a not too tall, blondie, brown-eyed handsome boy. -Tell me the truth, dad!
He hesitated, but just until few seconds. He wanted to be honest with his son, he didn't want to lie.
- Yes, Luke. I think we will. This war is terrible. I knew for the beggining, we can't to win and our restful, great life will over. Now...We have to go soon.
- To go? Which way?
- Anywhere. Only away from here. The Union's soldiers are coming. We have to go before they will annexing the town. I want to stashing my family.
- Oh, dad! I hate this war! - said Luke.- I losing everybody, who is important for me. Aaron, Casey, Reg...- he started to cry. Holden embraced him, but he was sad too. He lost his older son in the last year. His loss hurt always yet. Lily, his wife was not ableto get over the loss.
- I know what you feel, son. But we have to look ahead!
- I can't dad, I can't. This is too much for me. Too much...- He snuffed. - Aaron was my older brother, Casey was my best friend, Red was my...- He silenced.
- Understand, Luke. Understand you. - He stoked his son's head.
Lily and he already accepted our son identity. He was a gay guy. Holden remembered, when Luke announced it 1 year ago. And he introuced Reg few days later. He was Luke first and for the present last boyfriend. This thing shocked them. But they knew Luke is their son, and this is the most important thing, nothing else. Altough Reg is dead and Luke is very sad now, but he knew he will happy again. Luke was just 19 years old, too young it that let him live alone.
They just seeing each otherand didn't say more. They reading each other's thoughts and hearts.
A dad and a son...After Aaron's death the realationship between us is changed. They are closer to each other than before. Already Luke was the only boy in the family, and Holden didn't want to lose him. One son was enough.
- Holden come in to the house, please! I need your help!.- asking Lily distanced this moving moments. Holden kissed his son's head and went into the house.
Luke was left alone with his thoughts and he just looked at the stars with eyes full of tears.

With some miles more distant an other young men thinking about his life. Lieutenant Noah Mayer was this men. An unionist soldier. He was lieutenant in General Sherman's army. They assaulting Gettysburg, so he was Luke's enemy. He has got dark hair, almost jet-black, incredible blue-eyed and he was tall. He hated the war too, because he tore it away from his love, Maddie. He remembered for her, but noticed sometimes that it can't see her face in his minds already. They didn't meet since 1861, when the war is started. Two years, long time. Maybe too long...He feels maybe their relationship is changed. It isn't a love already, just a friendship. He thinking: When was our contact a love? Was it altogether once?
They got not married, so they never been together yet. Noah knew it is his fault. Maddie wanted to be with him, but he isn't. One day when they walked in the forrest, she kissed him. Noah knew she wants to be with him now, he felt her desire. But he pushed away her automatically with a stupid objection.
- We are not married yet, Maddie! We must not to do it. She didnt't understand him, but she received his answer. Noah didn't understand oneself's reaction too. Maddie was a great, beautiful, kindness girl. And she likes him so much...All men wants a women like she. They wanted to get married, she will his wife, just the war arrested it. He didn't want to be with her...This was the truth...- he shook his head. - What's wrong with me??? -asked for himself.
They always writing letters to each other, but Noah gave the last letter to Maddie 3 month ago. Since then nothing. Noah didn't know, why she doesn't write.
- What's happened? She forgot me? She got married? Or the worst thing... She is ill or maybe dead? These toughts were in his head. Many questions without answers. He groaned. - I have to wait. - said loud and went away to check his people. He was tired, because he didn't sleep more than 24 hours. But this not a sleeping time yet, he knew it. Tomorrow will an important day, everybody feels it. Maybe the day of the victory.

The next early morning the gunfires sounded again. The two army fighting again...

And this was that day what changed both boy's life...

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