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Title: Accepting
Chapter: 1
Rating: PG
Summary: A fiction that involves Luke and Noah, but told differently.
Characters: Holden, Cheri, Luke, Noah
Genre: Drama, Romance
Warnings: Minor Violence
Disclaimer: This site is no way associated with "As the World Turns", CBS, P&G, or Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. This is not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Authors submit and write their own work.

Luke couldn’t take it anymore. His whole life had been controlled by his Dad, now he was going to make the decisions; he wanted to live his own life.
Luke and his Dad stood outside the family home.
“Excuse me.”
“Luke Snyder, don’t disobey me!”
Luke’s Dad stared at his son.
“I didn’t hear you, Dad, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME…WHY DAD?”
“I don‘t know,” he mumbled.
“Sorry, I didn’t hear you.”
“That ‘thing’ has a name, and I happen to love that ‘thing’.”
Noah regained consciousness. He rubbed his blue eyes, which were now black and blue. He wiped his nose, which was bleeding. He looked up at Luke, then at his step dad. This didn’t look like a great situation. Luke’s dad nearly pounced on him.
“STOP, STOP IT DAD,” Luke grabbed his Dad. Noah jumped to his feet and backed off. “YOU CAN‘T DO THIS ANY MORE. YOU CAN‘T CONTROL MY LIFE ANYMORE.” Luke released his Dad from his grip.
“NO DAD, LISTEN TO ME. HE HAS HELPED ME REALISE WHO I AM. For once in my life I’m happy. Why can’t you see that?” Holden watched Luke. Luke ran to Noah and hugged him. He had finally found who he was, but the one person, who he thought would except him, had hurt him, turned him away and tried to destroy the person that accepted Luke, the person who had helped him find who he was, the person who loved him, Noah.

3 Months Later
Noah and Luke walked down a busy road in London. It was Christmas and the town square was full of busy shoppers, who had all left their Christmas shopping to the last minute. There was a magnificent evergreen tree, covered in dancing lights, which shone brightly. Pigeons cooed from rooftops and children ran round in coats, scarves and gloves. A bitter, winter wind gusted through the streets of London and everyone was happy. Noah and Luke came from New York, but had moved to London, 2 days ago, to elude the trauma that was behind them and the person behind the trauma, Luke’s father, Holden Snyder. Holden wasn’t happy when Luke told him that he was gay and had fallen in love with another man.

Holden was speechless; he just found out that his son was in love with a man. He stared at the floor, before looking up at Luke. Luke had tears streaming from his brown eyes, down his face. He had been terrified of this day for months. Luke wiped his eyes with the back of his sleeve.
“Dad, please say something. Please!” Luke said fighting back more tears.
“I don’t know what to say.”
“That you love me, no matter whom or what I am, that everything will be OK.”
“Who is this man?”
Luke jumped. “Dad, please don’t shout at me.”
“Luke Snyder, tell me who is this man, the one you have fallen in love with?”
Holden turned away from his son and punched the wall.
Noah Mayer, was Luke’s step brother. Holden had remarried, after Luke’s mother died in a multiple vehicle collision, when Luke was 14. After 5 years, Holden eventually married the manageress of a well known, local boutique. Cheri Mayer had been married twice before. Her first husband had passed away while she was pregnant with his son, Noah. Noah had always known about his father. So, when his mother married again, for the third time, Noah wasn’t exactly happy.
“Dad, I love him and he loves me. What we have…is real. It feels so real.”
“Luke shut up.”
Luke walked closer to his father. “I love Noah. He wants to be with me, care for me and I want to do the same for him.”
“SHUT UP Luke. Think of your mother. What would your mother think about you being…?” The words wouldn’t come out of his mouth.
“Gay? I think mom would love me for who I am, her son.”
“I don’t believe this.”
“Dad, please try to understand how confused I have been.”
Holden moved away from his son. “Luke leave, leave me alone. I need to think.”
“Please, Luke. I don’t want to fight with you. Just go.”
Luke felt tears trickle down his cheek. He sniffled and walked to the front door of the family home. He turned round and watched his father poor himself half a glass of gin. He then sat in his armchair, near the fire, put the glass on the coffee table and put his head in his hands. Luke cried, tears uncontrollably running down his face. He opened the door, walked out and slowly closed it behind him.

Luke sat on a wooden bench, which was placed overlooking the city of London. Noah sat next to him and put his arm round him. Luke held Noah’s hand. They looked at the surrounding landscape. The noise of the city could be heard, the bitter wind blew again. Birds chirped in the trees that hang over the two lovers. The sun had just begun to set. Children began to head to their beds, where they would wait for the arrival of St. Nicholas. The world was bustling, but at this moment, there were two people, alone, in love, on a bench, in a tranquil park. Neither of them wanted to be apart.
"Don’t you just love London?" Luke asked.
"Yeah, it sure is nice, but I’m not looking at the sights of London at this moment, there is something else, something much closer, that is catching my eye."
Luke blushed. "Yeah...?"
Noah nodded. "Yeah!" Noah turned towards Luke and kissed him. He brought his hand to Luke’s cheek and held his back. Luke held Noah close, so their bodies kept in the heat. Luke ran his fingers through Noah’s brown, wavy hair. Noah had never felt happier than he did right now.

Noah sat in his room. His mom had got married again and what was worst, his mom’s new husband had a son, Luke. Noah wasn’t sure about this kid, he seemed troubled, like he was confused, in a daze. Noah got up off his bed and walked to his suitcase, which was still half full of clothes, that hadn’t been unpacked. He opened it and chucked a few shirts and trousers onto the bed.
Luke stood outside Noah’s door. He went to knock on it, but stopped. What was he doing? Luke thought for a moment. He had been so all over the place recently; he never knew what he was going to do next. Life had changed so quickly. Luke snapped out of his thoughts, when Noah’s door opened. Noah stood in the door way, half naked; looking at Luke. Luke looked at him. Their eyes met. Both stood staring at each other for, what seemed like for ever, until Luke’s cell phone rang. Luke rummaged for his phone, looked at it, turned and ran to his room, across the hall, slamming the door. Noah stood there, confused. What had just happened?
Luke tried to avoid Noah everyday. Every time his Dad suggested a ‘family get together’, Luke was reluctant. Noah felt weird, but didn’t want to avoid Luke. One night, he realised why he couldn’t stop thinking about Luke, he was in love. Noah was gay, Noah had always had trouble with girls, that was probably why. Noah wanted to confront Luke and discuss his feelings for Luke and, ask if Luke felt the same way. The way Luke had been acting, suggested to Noah, that Luke had feelings for him, but was scared of letting them out. Noah needed to talk with Luke.

Their lips parted. Luke rested his forehead on Noah’s. He could feel his lover’s hot breath on his cold face. He wrapped his arms around Noah and rested his head on his shoulder. Noah kissed Luke’s head and then leant his head on the cushion of Luke’s hair. Noah sighed.
"I love you, Noah."
Noah smiled at Luke, "Ditto."

Noah ran after Luke , who was running through a forest. Sunlight was just peeping through the leaves of the draping branches. The trees of the forest started to close in on Luke.
Luke ran, tears running down his face. “THERE IS NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT!”
Noah stopped running. “I LOVE YOU, LUKE!”
Luke stopped, dead still, trying to catch his breath from:
a) All that running and
b) That Noah had told him that he loved him.
Luke turned around. His eyes met with Noah’s. Noah smiled at him…
Luke ran back towards Noah. He had never sprinted so fast in all his life. Noah held out his arms, as Luke ran into him. He lifted Luke into the air and spun him round before placing him on the leaf covered ground. They stared into each others eyes, foreheads touching, lips so close to each. Noah brushed the blonde hair out of Luke’s eyes. His eyes sparkled. Noah leaned in and placed his lips delicately to Luke’s. Luke wrapped his arms round Noah’s shoulders. He wanted this moment to last forever.

Noah sighed.
"Merry Christmas, Noah."
"Merry Christmas, Luke. Let’s make it a good one."
"Let’s." Luke grinned at Noah.
They snuggled together.

Luke stood outside the family home. Having just been rejected by his own father, Luke wasn’t feeling too good. He sat himself on the door step and sobbed into his hands. Suddenly, Noah, rounded the corner.
“Luke...Oh my god, baby, what’s wrong?” Noah knelt down and cradled Luke in his arms. Luke buried his head in Noah’s shoulder and wept.
The front door opened. Holden stood, towering over the lovers.
“Get off my son, you scum.”
Luke got to his feet and clung to Noah’s jacket.
“Leave him alone Dad! Please, I beg you, leave him alone.”
“Holden, I love your son, please, can’t you understand how much I care about him, I have for months. You trust me?”
Holden clenched his fist and swung it right into Noah’s face. Noah’s head flung upwards. Holden then punched him in the stomach, before giving another blow to Noah’s head. Noah fell, with a load thud, onto the cold, hard, concrete ground.
“Noah!” Luke ran and knelt next to Noah, who wasn’t moving. “BABY, TALK TO ME. Baby?” Luke checked his pulse, he was breathing, just unconscious. Luke got to his feet.”

The sun had nearly disappeared behind the city skyline of London. The sound of the city had died down and peace was beginning to take its place.
"Come on, baby. Let’s go home, its getting cold." Noah got up off the wooden bench, and held his hand out to Luke. Luke smiled and took it. The walked down the lit up path hand in hand.
"So, what do you think we will be doing next Christmas?" Luke asked.
"Mm, I don’t know. Sitting around a fire, fire burning bright, enjoying each other‘s company.?"
"Married?" Luke stood still.
Noah stopped walking and looked at Luke. "I would love to be married to you." His put his arm around Luke’s waist and gave him a peck on the lips and continued walking.
"So would I, buts let’s get this Christmas out the way."
"Yeah, then we can plan that sort of stuff."
Luke put his arm round Noah. "I love you."
"I love you too." Luke wrapped his other arm around Noah’s waist. Noah cuddled him and pulled him close.
The two walked threw the park, towards the sunset, to start their life, properly together.

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