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Warning! Fan Fiction ratings range from G - NC17. Ratings for each story will be added by the author. Stories may contain adult content and male/male intimacy.

How to set up your Fan Fiction:

1. From the All Fan Fiction Authors page - click on "Add a New Page" (Underneath the "Wiki Pages" table to the left on your screen.)
2. The page should be titled with your screen name.
3. Select the "FanFic Author Template".
4. Tags should include your screen name, luke, noah, atwt, etc.
5. Click on "Add Page".
6. You're done! Fill in the required areas. (Please note; Your FF page will end up under authors M-Z. Not to worry, it will be moved into the right place by a mod.)
7. From your Author Page, repeat step 1 to create a page for your fanfiction.
  • Name the page after the title of your story.
  • Be sure to use the "Fan Fiction Template".
  • Fill in the required areas.
8. To create multiple chapters -
  • "Add" additional chapter pages from your chapter 1 page. (Always add new chapters from the FIRST chapter page - for example, don't add chapter 3 toby standing on the chapter 2 page.)
  • Be sure to use the "Fan Fiction Template" each time.
  • Fill in the required areas.

Additional Info:

1. Paste your fan fiction, please no linking or attaching; it's simply not allowed.
2. If you have more than one story, you may create more than one page for each story, within your own page.
3. No disclaimer is necessary, it's provided in the template.
4. Reviews and comments can be posted in the comments section.

Tips for Writing:

1. Remember, proper spelling and grammar are your best friends - there is a Spellcheck feature in the "EasyEdit" Toolbar.
2. Don't forget to use paragraphs!
3. Be creative: add pictures and/or illustrations.
4. Use the "imeem" widget to add a song that expresses your story.

Some rules to follow!

1) Please remember to ALWAYS post ratings for your Fan Fiction Stories!

2) Limitations on sex scenes are as follows:
No sex scenes for characters 15 years or younger.

3) All stories must center around a Luke/Noah relationship plot. You may branch out to other relationships, if required, but the story must consist of both Luke and Noah.

4) Van/Jake stories are not allowed.

Please follow all above limitations. Any Fan Fiction Story that contains any of the above material will be asked to be deleted. If writer does not comply, the story will be deleted by a Mod. Thanks to All! And please still enjoy yourself!!


Please add the keyword 'fanfiction' to your story, as well as whichever genre(s) you feel your FF belongs to (see list below). This makes it possible to search by category.

To search the FFs by category, type in 'fanfiction' followed by the genre (eg. 'horror') in the 'Search this wiki' box at the top left of the page.

Genres for your fan fiction:

  • Action/Adventure
  • Alternate Universe (AU)
  • Angst
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Cross-over
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Fluff
  • Horror
  • MPreg
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Poetry
  • Porn Without Plot (PWP)
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
Warnings for your fan fiction:

  • Abuse
  • Antagonist/Enemy
  • Character Death
  • Explicit sex
  • MPreg
  • Out Of Character (OOC)
  • Other Pairings
  • Rape
  • Strong Language
  • Violence