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Author: AdoreThem

Biography: Hey! I'm Annica. I'm 19 years old. and i love writing Nuke ffs. I'm from Denmark, so there might be some misspelling in my stories. Hope you like them.

Btw. All of my stories are also on, along with my other fan fictions (Janto/Torchwood)


An Unforgettable Thanksgiving (In-progess)(Completed)

  • Chapter 1: Luke get's a surprise
  • Chapter 2: Mac tells Casey
  • Chapter 3: Damien get's a call
  • Chapter 4: The sweet time
  • Chapter 5: The date
  • Chapter 6: Lunch and dinner
  • Chapter 7: The flight
  • Chapter 8: Damien's surprise
  • Chapter 9: Damien get's a piece of Mac's mind
  • Chapter 10: Where is he?
  • Chapter 11: The talk. (Not posted yet.)

A New Beginning (Completed)

A Beautiful Friendship part 1(Completed)

A Beautiful Friendship part 2(In-progress)


Written with Jesse (allaboutlove)
Trying to lose your brother's boyfriend (In-progress)

Written with Jenny (Daifan)
The Adventures of Super Java Boy and Gothic Emo Villain (In-progress)