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Nuke Clips From April 13, 2009

Nuke Episode Summary:
Lily is alone at work and is startled by a noise. Luke and Noah plain for a night alone, but are instantly interrupted by Zac and Zoe. Lily goes to confront the intruder, only to find out that it's Damian. Damian wants to help figure out who's targeting the foundation, but Lily refuses. Zac and Zoe want to party with Luke and Noah, but they aren't interested. Zac and Zoe continue to try and get Luke and Noah to party with them. They bring out a Ouija Board to help Luke figure out who's been messing with the foundation. Damian keeps trying to get Lily to believe him and let him help. When Damian leaves, Lily finds a Grimaldi ring where the disks where. At first, Luke messes with Zoe, but the board later spells out the initials L and G. Luke admits that his birth name is Luciano Grimaldi. Zac gets sick and leaves the room, and Zoe goes to make he something to drink. Suddenly the lights go out and Zoe screams! Damian and Lisa sit down for a talk. Lisa tells Damian that she has some old Grimaldi items and papers for him. Damian and Lisa continue to talk at the Lakeview. At Luke's house, Zoe comes out the kitchen and asks for Zac. Noah goes to look for Zac. While lighting candles, Zoe brings up the Grimaldi's again, but Luke says that he doesn't belong to the family anymore. Lily goes to Damian's room and shows him the ring, but it's much too small to be his. Noah finds Zac in Luke's room, shirtless, and he tries to seduce Noah. Noah refuses his advances and the lights turn back on. Damian believes that another Grimaldi may be in town. Zoe tries to hit on Luke, but he shuts her down. When Zac and Zoe finally leave, Luke thinks what happened was funny, but Noah doesn't. Lily and Damian try to figure out which Grimaldi may be attacking the foundation. Noah finds Zac and Zoe's behavior suspicious, but Luke thinks he's taking it too seriously. Lily arrives at home with Damian and they tell Luke and Noah about what they found. Damian leaves, but Luke still doesn't buy his story. Noah leaves to study and says goodbye to Luke and Lily. Noah follows Damian to the Lakeview. He tells Damian he believes him and he wants to do anything he can to help. Damian tells Noah that he's grateful he's in Luke's life. Luke tells Lily that he thinks that he and Noah are opposite sides. She explains that they are all on the same side, but he doesn't agree. Noah runs into Zac and Zoe in Old Town. He notices that Zoe is wearing a Pisces necklace. He tells them that the screen name that tried to break into the foundation's account might have been the Italian word for Pisces. They both laugh off the accusation.

Memorable Nuke Lines:

Luke: Maybe she has a point N.
Later -
Noah: Ciao Luciano!

Nuke Interacted With:
Zac, Zoey, Lily, Damien

Steamy Nuke Moments:
Luke and Noah make out and move to the couch, where Luke suggests they may not watch the movie after all.

Important Nuke Moments:

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