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Nuke Clips From April 15, 2009

Nuke Episode Summary:
Luke rants to Lily about Damian. He's angry that Lily believes Damian. Luke gets upset when he admits that he hasn't heard from Noah since the other day. Damian shows up at the house, and Luke angrily leaves. In Old Town, Luke runs into Zoe. She asks where Noah is, but Luke says they aren't on speaking terms. She wants to help, so they go to look for Noah. Damian suggests that Luke might be trying to sabotage the foundation himself. Lily doesn't believe it. At Java, Jeff tells Zoe and Luke that Noah is two hours late for work. Luke gets more worried, and Noah is still not answering his phone. Luke leaves to go to Noah's dorm, but suddenly he gets a call from Noah. Noah tells Luke that they need some time away from each other. He reveals that he's in Lisbon for a student film festival. Luke gets upset, and Noah says that he's just getting in the way of Luke's family. Once they hang up, Luke immediately blames it all on Damian. Damian tries to convince Lily that Luke is more like him that Lily wants to admit. Lily continues to deny that Luke's involved. Suddenly, Luke barges into the house. Luke accuses Damian driving a wedge in between him and Noah. Luke tells them that Noah left. Luke believes that Damian won because Noah is gone. Luke goes to leave, and says he won't be back until Damian is gone. Lily tells Damian that he crossed a line by trying to get close to Luke through Noah. Damian decides to go to Malta to ask about the Grimaldi ring, then to Lisbon to bring Noah back. Zoe tells Luke that space may be good for him and Noah. Luke gets a call from Lily, who tells him that Damian left for Malta and she asks him to come home. Zoe goes to a strange building looking for Zac. She tells him that Luke blames Damian for Noah leaving and that Damian left for Malta. Zac yells to Noah down the hall, and he's tied up to a poll and screams at them to leave Luke alone!!! Lily assures Luke that Noah is coming back. Noah questions Zac and Zoe about what they are doing, but they refuse to tell him anything. They then leave him alone, still tied up.

Memorable Nuke Lines:

Noah: It's not a vacation. I barely had time to pack.
Luke: Gee, that must really suck for you.
Noah: Look, we were both fighting so much over Damien.
Luke: I don't care about Damien. I care about you. Why are you doing this?
Noah: Please don't be mad at me.
Luke: It's just, you do this all the time. You just leave.
Noah: Damien. He's your father. You're family. I shouldn't be involved.
Luke: Noah, you're my family and I'm yours.

Nuke Interacted With:
Zac and Zoe

Steamy Nuke Moments:

Important Nuke Moments:

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