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Nuke Episode Summary:

As Casey and Luke film them for their movie project, Noah carries Ameera through the cottage door. On the second take, she kisses him, startling everyone. They go to the diner, where Casey realizes Ameera has fallen for Noah--and says he's done covering up the sham. When Luke asks him why, Casey tells Luke that Ameera is after Noah. Luke disagrees...but his eyes are opened. Back at the cottage, Luke tells Noah that he thinks Ameera is falling for Noah. Noah says that's not true, then says it doesn't matter because he's in love with Luke. But when Ameera walks in, Noah backs away--and Luke leaves, watching through the window and Noah and Ameera sit down for lunch.

Memorable Nuke Lines:

Ameera: Was that more convincing?
Luke: Sure, if you wanna throw away the entire script

Casey: I quit you Luke!

Noah: It doesn't matter what Ameera thinks or feels, coz' I'm with you, I am, and she knows that. I'm in love with you

Nuke Interacted With:

Ameera and Casey

Steamy Nuke Moments:


Important Nuke Moments:

Noah tries to convince Luke that he's the only one he wants

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