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Nuke Episode Summary:
Luke is still convinced that Damian kidnapped Noah, but Lily still doesn't think so. Luke decides to go to the station, and Lily follows. Damian swears to Holden that he did not kidnap Noah. At the station, Luke and Lily fill in Margo on Noah's kidnapping. Holden and Damian arrive at the station. Zac and Zoe tell Noah about the ransom. Damian continues to deny that he had anything to do with the kidnapping. Margo tells Lily, Holden, and Luke not to pay the ransom. She explains that they need to buy time first and get proof of life. Damian tries once again to get Luke to believe him. Zoe leaves to find Luke. Noah asks Zac for water. Zac tells Noah that the money used for the foundation was stolen from them and they want it back. In Old Town, Luke tells Zoe that Noah was kidnapped. He tells her that he thinks Damian is behind it, and that the police told him not to pay the ransom yet. Margo questions Damian about the kidnapping. When the fingerprints on the ransom note turn out to be Damian's, Margo has to hold him on suspicion of kidnapping. Zoe tells Zac that they aren't going to pay the ransom, so they have to tell Luke where Noah is. Luke receives the text, and leaves the house without being seen by the officer looking after him. Lily still doesn't believe that Damian kidnapped Noah. Lily calls Luke, but he's not picking up. Luke arrives at the storage locker and finds Noah tied up! Noah tells him that it's a trap, and Zac and Zoe enter and hold them at gun point! Luke tries to fight the gun away from Zoe, but he's knocked down. Zac grabs him and ties him up with Noah. Damian continues to try to prove his innocence to Margo. Luke learns that Zac and Zoe aren't really twins and Zoe is the Grimaldi after the foundation's money. When Holden and Lily get home, they can't find Luke. Lily finds another ransom note, and this time, it's for Luke! Holden calls Margo to tell her that Luke has been kidnapped. Margo is starting to believe that Damian isn't behind it, but Holden still thinks he is. Zoe tells Luke that the money given to him from Damian belonged to her branch of the family. Damian is shocked to learn that Luke has been kidnapped and wants to help find him. Holden just wants Damian to stay in custody until they get Luke and Noah back. When Luke and Noah are alone, Noah asks Luke if he's okay and they talk about how worried they were about each other. Luke is stunned that Zac and Zoe are behind everything and he realizes that he owes Damian a big apology. Luke and Noah grab each other's hands and promise that they are in it together. Lily says that she doesn't care who's behind everything, she just wants Luke and Noah back.

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