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Nuke Episode Summary:

Ameera claims it's her birthday and she's sad. Noah and Luke go shopping to buy her a present, while Casey tells her she should be honest with Noah about how she feels. She buys herself a sexy dress. Meanwhile, in Old Town, Luke says goodbye to Noah. Noah turns Luke around, tells him he thinks of him every day, and...THEY KISS! And then Ameera surprises Noah with a kiss when he gets home.

Memorable Nuke Lines:

Noah: It's her birthday, and I forgot
Luke: What kind of a husband are you?

Luke: I'm the best, and he's married to her

Luke: I pictured doing a lot of things with you, going to Paris, buying a house, growing old, but never, did I ever, picture buying women's jewellery with you

Noah: Luke, I want you to know that everyday, I think how lucky I am to have you
Luke: Well, that's all I needed to hear

Nuke Interacted With:

Ameera and Sales Assistant

Steamy Nuke Moments:

They kiss

Important Nuke Moments:

They kiss again; Ameera tries to seduce Noah

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