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Nuke Episode Summary:
Holden tells Emma his theory about Damian and the kidnapping. Lily shows Damian the most recent note she got from the kidnappers. Damian tells her that he has a plan for the ransom drop off. Luke and Noah watch as Zoe talks to a picture of her mother. She tells Luke and Noah that if Lily doesn't bring the ransom, they aren't ever leaving. Damian shows Lily the newspaper clipping that he found. Damian explains that after Lily drops off the ransom, they are going to trick the kidnappers. Holden is worried about Lily trusting Damian. Emma wants Holden to try trusting Damian. Damian and Lily prepare to make the ransom drop off. Luke tries to talk Zoe out of what she's doing. She tells Luke about what happened to her mother. Zac comes back and tells Zoe that he dropped off the final ransom note. Damian instructs Lily how to drop off the ransom. Lily and Damian make final preparations for the ransom drop off. Luke offers Zoe all the money, but Zac says they are in too far to turn back. Holden arrives at Damian's room. He says that Damian can do whatever he wants to rescue Luke and Noah, but without Lily. When Damian says it's too late, Holden gets angry and punches him. Zac and Zoe watch Lily drop the newspaper in the garbage. Luke tells Noah that they are going to do everything they can to escape. When Zac and Zoe retrieve the newspaper, they are shocked to see a Zodiac necklace instead. Zoe sees Lily, dressed up as her mother, and starts to follow her. When Zoe finds out it's Lily, she pushes her down, knocking her unconscious. Noah knocks down a picture frame and uses the glass to cut the rope tying Luke up. When Lily wakes up, Damian and Holden are there. Holden is angry that Lily was in danger and Damian is angry that Holden delayed him. Zac is angry with Zoe for ruining their plan. Luke and Noah get loose, but are soon stopped by Zac and Zoe. Lily is excited that Damian was right about the kidnappers. Holden continues to blame Damian for the kidnapping. Holden refuses to let Lily help Damian, and takes Lily to talk to Margo. Luke and Noah want Zac and Zoe to let them go. Zac and Zoe refuse, saying Lily double-crossed them. And a furious Zac shoots Noah!!! Luke screams at Zac for shooting Noah. Zac tells Zoe to tie them back up, even though Noah is bleeding and injured. While looking through Grimaldi papers, Damian finds a picture of a girl named Gia and he believes she's the kidnapper. Luke tries to wake up Noah, who is now unconscious. Zoe is angry that Lily tricked her. Holden is angry with Lily because of her and Damian's plan. Lily says she just wants Luke and Noah back.

Memorable Nuke Lines:
Luke: Everything is going to be okay Noah
Noah, you just keep thinking that Luke

Luke: Look, I really don’t think Zoe wants to hurt us
Noah: Zoe? Zoe with the freaky shrine for her death mother Zoe?

Noah: Luke, I love you but…do you really believe that?
Luke:…nggh, mm, okay, you’re right
Noah: Thank you

Luke (about being tied down) you know, this could actually be kinda fun, if we were not fighting for our lives

Luke; try kicking the table, pretend we’re at Jo’s and you’re trying to impress me with one of those lame dance movements you’re so proud of
Noah: im gonna remember you said that

Noah: We could make it more interesting
Luke: how so?
Noah: euhm..the one who doesn’t cut an artery first wins? Looser cleans up
Luke: uh, you’re disgusting
Noah: yet, somehow, you still love me
Luke: Somehow….

Nuke Interacted With:

the evil twins,
in this episode Emma, Lily, Damian and Holden are part of the the nuke storyline

Steamy Nuke Moments:

Important Nuke Moments:
Noah gets shot

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