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Nuke Episode Summary:
Luke walks out of Noah's room and runs into Damien. They talk about Noah and Luke thanks Damien for saving them. Damien invites Luke to lunch at the Lakeview. Holden and Lily talk about Noah when they get a voice mail from Damien inviting them to lunch. Luke thanks Alison for her help. Holden and Lily talk about Damien's lunch invitation. Luke and Damien are at the Lakeview and Damien asks how Luke and Noah will celebrate Noah getting out of the hospital. They talk about Luke and Noah's plans when Lily and Holden come in. Damien tells them he's staying in Oakdale and Holden makes it clear that Luke is his son. Holden finds out that Luke is the one who asked Damien to stay and storms off. Luke tells Holden that he's his father and his reasons for wanting Damien to stay. Damien tells Lily his reasons for staying and they discuss Luke. They begin to argue. Holden walks in and says it's okay for Luke to get to know Damien. Holden and Lily leave. Luke is on his cell about the funds transferred from the foundation bank account. He tells Damien it's going to take a while to get the money back and Damien offers to give the foundation the money. Luke tells Damien that they support certain charities that Damien might not approve of, but Damien argues that he trusts Lily and Luke's decision and that he loves Luke. Luke accepts. Lucinda asks Lily and Holden about any news and they talk about Noah and Damien. Luke walks in and tells Lucinda he's happy because Noah's getting out of the hospital and that Damien is funding the foundation projects. Lily says it would be easier for her to fund the foundation, but Luke argues that he wants to let Damien do it. Lily and Holden talk about Damien and Luke. Holden tells Lily she should resign now that Damien's working with the foundation. Lucinda goes to Damien's room and makes it clear her disapproval that he's staying and he's becoming involved in Luke's life and foundation as well as Lily and Holden's lives. Lucinda warns him not to insert himself in Lily and Holden's lives and not to cause problems for Luke. Damien tells Lucinda that he doesn't have to listen to her and kicks her out. Lily and Holden are arguing over Holden's suggestion. Lily tells Holden she's not interested in Damien and she just wants to be with him. Lily refuses to walk away from the foundation even if Holden asks her to.

Memorable Nuke Lines:

Luke: It is kinda hard to leave him, I dont know what I would have done if I had lost im."

Holden: Something bad is always happening with Damian.

Damian: So, what are you planning to do when Noah gets out of the hospital?
Luke: What do you mean?
Damian: how will you celebrate?
Luke (looking extremely uncomfortable: euhm, euh, I dont know....it depends on Noah
Damian: are you still going ahead with your plans to move in together?
Luke: we euhm are taking things one day at the time
Damian: but you are still commited to each other?
Luke: yep yep, you know this is really weird...
Damian: yeah...

Luke ( to Holden) : I am not doing this for Damian, I am doing it for me.
this is not about bloodlines, I am a Snyder and not a Grimaldi. You are my dad, the only one I ever need . It is just..I realise, I know so little about Damian, and its like I can fully know myself untill I open these lines of communication with him, you know?

Nuke Interacted With:
Damian, Lily, Holden, Allison, Lucinda

Steamy Nuke Moments:

Important Nuke Moments:

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