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Nuke Clips From April 9, 2009

Nuke Episode Summary:
Damian is walking in Old Town when he sees a homoerotic poster, with his face on it, hanging up. Luke and Noah are at Java when Zac and Zoe come in and show them the posters they made of Damian. Damian goes to Lily's house and shows her the posters. Noah thinks the posters are childish, but Luke thinks that it might put Damian in his place. Lily is angry that Damian thinks Luke made the posters. Lily calls Luke and ask him to go home. When Luke and Noah arrive, Lily asks Luke if he made the posters. To everyone's shock, Luke admits he made them. Luke lies and says he made the posters to show Damian how much he hates him. Luke refuses to apologize for making the posters, but agrees to take them down. While taking down the posters, Luke explains to Noah why Damian still gets to him. Afterwards, Noah tells Luke that he doesn't trust Zac and Zoe. Lily tells Damian that he needs to leave, but Damian thinks that staying is better for Luke. Luke defends Zac and Zoe, but Noah still thinks they don't know them well enough. Noah wants Zac and Zoe to take their jobs more seriously. Lily discovers that back-up disks for the foundation were stolen. Damian confronts Zac and Zoe in Old Town. Luke and Noah continue to argue about Zac and Zoe. When the twins show up, Noah tries to be stern with them, but they brush him off. Eventually, Zac and Zoe apologize and promise to tone their actions down. Lily goes to Damian's room to search for the missing disks, where she's soon caught by him! She confronts him about the disks, but he denies taking them. Zac and Zoe push Luke and Noah into a kiss so they will stop fighting. Zac and Zoe swear to no more pranks. Luke tells Noah they aren't so bad.

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