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Title: August 17, 2011 Oakdale Illinos Usa
Chapter: standalone
Rating: PG
Summary: Today in Oakdale ...
Characters: Luke, Noah
Genre: Romace
Warnings: none
Beta: geezlouise
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For the FF August 17, 2011 Oakdale Illinos Usa"

My work day as a production assistant at WOAK-TV is filled with performing a variety of tasks and duties. But nothing prepared me for what i witnessed today, just my third day on the job.

It was around 10:30 and I was busy filling out program logs, when these two gorgeous looking guys walking hand in hand went right by my desk and into the office just off the Oakdale Now set.

While it is not my responsibility to police who enters the studio, I felt compelled to check them out.
Luckily the office door was open and i could see that the tall one with dark hair seemed to be having a problem with his tie. The blonde-haired fellow offered to help and started to tie the knot. He only gotten half way through tying a Windsor knot when the tall one bent down to share a long and tender kiss.

I couldn’t avert my eyes from the scene being played out before me. In fact, I defy anyone to look away from such a happy, loving couple. After the kiss, they hugged tightly and smiled at each other.

Then just as silently as they had arrived, they left the studio. I tried to go back to concentrating on those damn logs.. But what I had just witnessed continued to play in my head along with a nagging feeling that I somehow knew the couple though i swear I’d never seen them before.

A short time later l I went into the break room to grab a cup of coffee and saw an article of this past Saturday’s edition of the Oakdale City Times pinned to the bulletin board. The headline read: Snyder/Mayer Nuptials Held in New York.

The mystery was solved. It was Luke and Noah, who I saw in that office, just two people in love.

for the FF August 17, 2011 Oakdale Illinos Usa"