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Luke and Noah walked hand in hand through the Lakeview lobby, suddenly Noah tugged at Luke's hand, making him halt.

"Noah whats wrong?" Luke asked his boyfriend, who was staring at his shoes. Before he spoke Noah lifted his head and cupped Luke's compassionatly.

"I just wanted to say sorry for getting all jealous back there. I don't want to make you think I don't trust you." Luke smiled warmly at him.

"I know you trust me. I trust you too. That's why I didn't freak out when you said Mason was taking you to a movie." Noah's eyes snapped open and a wave of guilt rushed through him, which didn't go unnoticed my Luke.

"Noah?" He urged. "Di--- and please be honest, did something happen at the movie?" Noah didn't answer him for long time so Luke dropped the hand he was holding and ran away in tears. Noah quickly snapped out of his daze and followed his weeping boyfriend. Luke was fumbling with his keys when Noah grabbed his arm and whirled him around into a firm kiss. Luke pushed him away.

"Luke." Noah yelled,settling a screaming Luke. "Luke nothing happenned!" Suddenly Luke stopped, looking slightly embarrassed.

"Nothing?" Noah shook his head. "Then why didn't you answer me? Why did you make me so upset?" Luke asked, holding Noah's arms the way he always does when he's upset, like he's grasping at Noah so he doesn't slip away.

"Because." Noah said. "Even though nothing happened between Mason and me, the screening was weird. He rented out the whole theatre just for me."

"I'm gonna kick his ass." Luke said. "I can't believe he tricked my boyfriend into a date." Noah took Luke's hands in his, squeezing them.

"Luke it was NOT a date. He's a teacher and a friend. It was as much of a date as you and Sara's dinner. Just like you said. I'm going home with you, today and for the rest of my life." Luke flashed Noah a huge smile before pulling Noah to him and kissing him passionatly, throwing his arms around the taller man's neck. Noah kissed Luke back with everything he had before coming up for air.

"Have I mentioned you're cute when your jealous?" Luke asked. Noah smiled at him.

"Have I mentioned that you look hot in that suit?" Luke nodded and pulled Noah in for another long, tongue filled kiss. Again Noah pulled back for air, they were practically grinding in the middle of the parking lot.

"It'll look better on the floor though." Luke said before running around to the drivers seat of his car, Noah right behind him.


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