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Title: Birthday Party for Nicole
Chapter: 1 of 1
Rating: G
Summary: Luke, Noah,Maddie and the kids celebrate Nicole's 1st birthday
Characters: Luke, Noah, Maddie, Jamie, Alison, Jake, Nicole, Casey, old man
Genre: romance, cuteness
Warnings: character death
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The time came for little Nicole Christina Snyder-Mayer to celebrate her very 1st birthday. Maddie and Noah were excited as hell for their little girl's party, but Luke was so busy planning everything, he forgot one thing on the list...purple spoons. He looked all over Old Towne for them, and no one seemed to have any purple spoons. But just as he was about to give up, he found a store just outside of town, that had all different colored spoons. He walked in and the clerk asked, "Is there something in particular that you are looking for, young man?" Luke replied with, "You see, it's my daughter's very 1st birthday, and she looks so cute in purple, so my husband and I are having a purple birthday party for her. I forgot the purple spoons, and I was wondering...." "You were wondering if I had any purple spoons.", the old man said. "But how did you know?", Luke asked. "I just where are those spoons?", the man said, as he went to the shelf. Luke was very anxious to see them, and he knew that everything would be alright. "Here we go...ummm what's your name young man?", the man asked Luke. "'s Luke, Luke Mayer, sir.", Luke replied. "Well Luke, these purple spoons are special.", the man said, as he showed Luke. "What's so special about them sir?", Luke asked. "Well..., the man said, when you use these spoons, good things can happen...that's why they are very special spoons, but you cannot tell a soul about them, not even your husband." Luke was so intrigued, that he finally decided to take them, and rushed out the door.

At home, Noah was waiting impatiently for Luke to come home with the purple spoons. The party was in 2 hours, and he needed the spoons to complete it. Luke ran inside and saw his husband tapping his foot, and mad. "Well?", Noah asked. "Well what baby?", Luke asked, looking scared. Noah looked at him right in the face and said, The purple spoons..did you get them?" Luke gave Noah the box of the special purple spoons. Noah looked at them, and all of a sudden his mood changed in an instant. "Oh sweetie pie...I'm sorry I yelled at you, my tickle monster..can you ever forgive your **** monster?", Noah said, as he put the box down, and pulled Luke into an embrace. Luke couldn't believe his eyes..he thought, "This really works!"...but he was just happy that Noah loved him with all of his heart, so he leaned up and kissed Noah with all he had in him. But then, Jake and Alison came down arguing over a toy. "It's mine Jakey, and you can't have it!!", Alison yelled as they were arguing over a stuffed bear. "But I had it first, sissy!!", Jake cried out. Suddenly, Jake noticed the purple spoons, and took one. "Looky here sissy, Jake said, a purpley spoon!" Alison and Jake argued over it, until...."Why am I fighting with my cute little brother, when he should have the bear now, so here you go Jakey.", Alison said, as she handed Jake the bear. Luke and Noah were stunned at the sudden turnaround, and Luke couldn't keep this secret any longer. He pulled Noah outside, to tell him everything. Noah was stunned, and was glad the man gave them these spoons. They sat on the wicker bench making out.."Mmh...Love you baby.", Noah said, as he kissed his husband on the lips once again. "Noah....same here baby.", Luke replied, as he held Noah even tighter.

The purple party for Nicole went well as planned, but Nicole was fussy. She wouldn't eat her cake, until Luke fed it to her with a spoon. Luke quickly grabbed the purple spoon, and spooned out a bite for her. "Here you go my little your mouth for Daddy, and eat this nice cake,ok?", Luke asked, as he tried to make her open wide. All of a sudden she opened her mouth, took the bite, and said, PURPLEY!!" Luke, Noah, Maddie, and the kids were stunned. "She said her first word, and it wasn't Mommy or Daddy!!", Maddie exclaimed. Luke thought,"Damn this man really was right about the spoons..they are magic!!!" Casey walked through the door, picked up a purple spoon, and all of a sudden grabbed Maddie and kissed her very passionately. Luke and Noah were shocked, and knew everything was good, thanks to the man who gave them the purple spoons. Casey and Maddie broke the kiss, and were stunned themselves. "What was that for Hughes?", Maddie asked. "I have no idea, but I liked it.", Casey replied, as he grabbed her again, and they both made out together this time. Luke and Noah knew they just had to thank the man for what he did for them.

The next morning, Luke and Noah walked into the party store, and right there was the old man who sold him the purple spoons. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Mr. Mayer...... and I believe this is your husband?", the man asked. "Yes, I'm Noah, Luke's husband, and we just want to say thank you.", Noah replied, as he shook the man's hand. "For what, Noah?, the man asked, the spoons..did it bring good things to you both?" Luke stepped forward, and said, "My husband and I had fought over the spoons, and then he turned into such a loving man, then my two kids fought over a bear, but my daughter all of a sudden gave my youngest son the bear. But then my two best friends Maddie..she's the kids mother...and Casey fell in love, and my little girl said her first word, well tried to say purple, but said purpley!!" "Well, I'm glad I could help you Luke and Noah...and who is this?", the man asked, as Jamie walked into the room. Now Jamie was away at a slumber party, when all this happened, and he had heard what happened. "I'm Jamie Mayer, sir, and I have to say...thank you for making my family happy!!", Jamie said, as he hugged the old man all of a sudden. Turns out Jamie had a purple spoon in his pocket. Jamie, Luke and Noah left the store for home.
A week later, Luke found out that the store where he got the spoons caught fire, and the old man who owned it had died in his sleep. They would all remember the man as the Purple Spoon Man.

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