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Title: Casey's Birthday Surprises(featuring Nuke)
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: NC-17
Summary: As Casey's 30th birthday approaches, Luke and Noah have a double surprise for him and Alison.
Characters: Casey, Luke, Alison, Noah, Jessica, Aidan, Louise, Tom, Margo, Amelia and babies(names? you'll find out at the end) (mentions)
Genre: romance, cuteness, a bit of sadness, m/m sex
Warnings: character death(mention)
Disclaimer: This site is no way associated with "As the World Turns", CBS, P&G, or Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. This is not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Authors submit and write their own work.

It had been 8 years since Casey and Alison Hughes married in front of their friends and family. Since then, they both had 2 children together. Aidan was their biological child, but when Alison had a bad accident, she was unable to have children ever again. That made room for Jessica, the daughter they adopted, thanks to Luke and Noah Snyder-Mayer. Jessica was Daddy's little girl, so she picked up on Casey's personality very fast. Aidan was more like his mommy, and the only thing that made him like Casey, was that he loved playing Guitar Rock with his daddy. But Jessica hated it, since she was only 5, so she loved her dolls and playing tea. Sometimes, she dragged poor Casey into it, putting a hat on him. That was exactly where our story begins: in Jessica's room.

" Oh come on Daddy, Jessica said, you love it!!"
" Why did I get tricked into this?", Casey asked.
" Because she's like you, honey., Alison said, giving her husband a look of *I don't think you'll get out of it*, so play with Jessica, while Aidan and I bake cookies. Jessica, Uncle Luke and Uncle Noah are coming over soon, so clean your room up after you and Daddy finish your tea. Bye!!!"
" Alison!!!!, Casey said, that's not fair!!"
" It is fair, Alison said, or you'll be sleeping on the couch tonight."

Jessica laughed at her daddy, as Alison left the room. Casey blushed a beet red, because he was embarrassed right in front of his daughter.

"Oh come on Daddy, Jessica said, you love playing with me. Maybe we can get Uncle Luke to play too."
" Oh no you don't, Jessica Hughes, Casey said, I am not getting your uncle involved in this...wait a minute...princess, you gave Daddy an idea. Now let's finish up, so you can clean your room."
Meanwhile, back at the Snyder-Mayer house, Luke and Noah were just sitting down to breakfast, after a long night of making sure their daughter Louise went back to sleep. After they got married, they had adopted a sweet blonde-haired 2 year old girl, who had blue eyes just like her Dad. But they were just notified that they were going to be dads again...this time it was twin boys, and they were going to be born in 3 weeks via a surrogate mom. Noah was the biological father, so they would just like him, but Luke was also going to be their daddy as well. They were looking at baby names in a book, and had decided on what the names were gonna be. But it was not gonna be revealed until Casey's party. It was going to be a surprise for not only Casey, but Alison as well. Louise kinda understood what was going on, but at two, she was still growing up. As Louise was sleeping, Luke and Noah were also planning Casey's party as well. They had planned on hosting the party in their own home, with family and friends there.

" Now honey, Luke said, the backyard is perfect for the tables and chairs. Now how many did we invite?"
" I think we invited all of Casey and Alison's family, plus our family as well. Oh and the kids....Jessica, Aidan, our sweet Louise...oh no, she's awake!!', Noah said, as Louise was yelling for her dads.
" Oh I'll check on her this time., Luke said, as Noah was more exhausted than ever, You keep looking at that list, and not the baby book!!"

As Luke peeked into the room, Louise was up and staring right at her daddy. Luke just loved his princess, because she was so much like him at times. He picked her up, and sat in the chair with her. She gave him such a cute look, that he smiled right at her.

"Now Miss Louise Anne Mayer, what is so important that you have to wake up again, after your dad and I just got you to sleep?", Luke asked his daughter.
" Dada....babies!!", Louise said, as Luke was stunned by what she just said.
" Yes, princess., Luke answered back, as he rocked her gently in his lap, the new babies are coming soon. And you're going to be a big sister."
" I wanna help, Daddy.", Louise said.
" Well, you won't be able to change their diapies, but I might let you help me feed them sometime, ok?", Luke answered, as Noah walked in.
" Now young lady, Noah said to Louise, what am I gonna do to you for keeping me and Daddy up all night?'
" Play with me?", Louise answered.
" More like tickle you, silly girl.", Noah said, as he and Luke tickled Louise.
" Dada, Daddy!!! Haha!!! Squeeee!! That tickles!! Stop tickling Louise!", Louise said, laughing hard.
" Will you take a nap?', Luke asked.
" Ok, Daddy, but can you stop tickling me? HAHA!!", Louise demanded, as she squealed in laughter.
" Luke, the phone is ringing. Try to get her to sleep.", Noah said, kissing his husband.
" Now my princess, if I put in a Strawberry Shortcake movie, will you be good?", Luke asked.
" Watch with me, Dada?", Louise asked, giving Luke her pouty face that he couldn't resist.
" Sure., But you have to lay down after, ok?", Luke asked, as Noah ran into the room.
" Luke....Amelia...babies...coming!!!", Noah said, as he panicked.
" Baby, are you sure?", Luke asked, as Louise stared at her dad.
" Babies?", Louise asked.
" Yes, princess. Your baby brothers are coming. Why don't we get you dressed, and take your DVD over to Uncle Casey and Auntie Alison's? You and Jessica can watch the movie together, while Dad and I are at the hospital, ok?", Luke said, as he packed 3 DVD's and some clothes for overnight.
" Yay!!!, Louise said, sweepover!!" (she meant to say sleepover, but she said this instead)
" Yes, a sleepover at Auntie Alison and Uncle Casey's. And you, Jessica, and Aidan can have fun."
" Luke, come on!!!, Noah yelled out, Alison's gonna meet us at the hospital to take Louise with her."

Luke dressed her in a pretty pink jumper dress with cats on it, and put her black Mary Janes on her feet. He got her blue coat, and put it on her.

" LUKE!!! LET'S GO!!", Noah yelled.
" Calm down Mayer!", Luke said, grabbing the bag and Louise, and running out of the house behind Noah.

At the hospital, Alison waited until Luke and Noah arrived with Louise. She found out Amelia wasn't gonna be able to deliver naturally, so she was going to have a C-section, as soon as Noah arrived. No sooner than had she turned around, Noah ran in, scared and frantic. She grabbed Noah right away, and tried to calm him down.

" Amelia?, Noah asked, is she alright?"
" She's in pain, but the doctors want to schedule a C-section as soon as you agree to it. You are the biological father, so you got no choice.", Alison answered, as Luke arrived, holding Louise, and carrying the bag.
" I'm scared, Alison, Noah said, my boys are coming."
" It's alright, Alison said, but Amelia needs you in there, now go!"

As Noah ran in there, Alison took Louise into her arms, and hugged her goddaughter tight. Luke handed her the bag, as he ran in as well.

"Well, Miss Louise, Alison said, you ready to see your Uncle Casey, and the kids?"
" Yay!!!, Louise said, Daddy said I can show Jessica and Aidan my movies."
" I think it's a great idea., Alison said, Now let's go home."

Hours passed, as Casey and Alison enjoyed having their goddaughter there , while they awaited word of the twins' birth. They fgured Louise could stay in Jessica's room for the night. So Casey put in the Strawberry Shortcake video, as the girls sat on the bed together in their pajamas.

"Now you two watch the movie, and then off to bed, ok?", Casey asked the girls.
" Ok, Daddy.", Jessica answered.
" Yes, Uncle Casey. If my brothers are born, can you wake me?", Louise asked her godfather.
" I'll let you know in the morning if they are. Good night princesses.", Casey said, as he kissed both of their foreheads.

Alison had put Aidan down to bed, and shut the door. She and Casey sat in the living room, waiting to hear from Luke and Noah. Alison sipped on her tea, as Casey watched the local news. His mother had kept him aware of the case she was working on, and it had made headlines within 2 days. But being the son of a lawyer and detective had its advantages. Casey was always made aware of any cases involving children, or gay bashing, since Luke and Noah were his best friends. But Alison, being a nurse, and the daughter of a doctor, had its advantages. Any cases with children affected her, since she was a mother herself. The case involved a young couple murdered by a gang, just because they were friends with gays and lesbians. They immediately thought of Luke and Noah, but Margo and Jack made sure they were protected, as well as little Louise. But Louise was with them for the night, so she was safe. After Casey turned off the TV, the phone rang. Alison ran to get was Luke.

" Hey sweetie, how's Amelia?" (Alison)
" Ali, they're here, and they're gorgeous!! They look like Noah, and have brown eyes like Amelia!" (Luke)
" That's wonderful news. CASEY!!! The babies are here!!" (Alison)
" WHAT??? The boys are here???? How's Noah?? Ask him, honey!!" (Casey)
" Luke, how's the dad doing?" (Alison)
" He's alright now, but he fainted the minute he saw blood. He's in the NICU with them. Amelia is in recovery, resting, and she's good! OMG....I'm a father!!!" (Luke, as he cries)
" Luke, want me to tell Louise now or tomorrow?" (Alison)
" No, we'll tell her tomorrow. Bring her and the kids to the hospital then. I better go. My boys need me..My baby boys!!!!"(Luke, as he hung up)
The next day, Alison, Casey, Aidan, Jessica, and Louise arrived at the hospital. Louise was eager to meet her baby brothers. Noah came out, as Louise ran to her dad. He scooped her up, and hugged her tight, giving her kisses all over. Louise giggled as Noah spoiled his little girl.

" You miss me and Daddy, princess?", Noah asked.
" Jessica and I watched Strawberry Shortcake together!, Louise said, and then we played tea party this morning. Poor Uncle Casey.....he had to play with Jessica yesterday, and Auntie Alison laughed at him in a ladies' hat. She wants to get Daddy to play with a hat on too."
" Well, Daddy will have to talk to Uncle Casey about that. You ready to meet your brothers?", Luke said, as Noah brought Louise to the NICU.

Outside the NICU, Luke, Noah and Louise look inside. Two nurses, who are friends with Alison, hold the boys up. Louise's eyes get big, as she sees these two tiny little babies with dark hair like Noah. One of them starts to cry, while the other was quiet. Luke picks up his little princess, so she can see.

" Daddy...those are my brothers?" (Louise)
" Yep, and Dad and I were talking. We want you to pick the names, but you can't tell Uncle Casey or Auntie Alison or the kids until the party, ok?"(Luke)
" Ok. They're so cute, like my baby dolls." (Louise)
" But they're real, but you have to treat them differently, ok sweetie?" (Noah)
" Yes. I love you both!" (Louise)

Luke and Noah kissed their daughter's cheek, and hugged together as a family.
2 weeks later, it was Casey's 30th birthday. Everyone in the Hughes, Stewart, and Snyder-Mayer families were there. Luke and Noah had just brought the babies home 4 days earlier, and even Louise was living having her brothers at home. She was a big help....she held them and fed them, with one or both of her daddies there, and she fussed over them. But the big surprise for Alison and Casey was coming. Luke and Noah got everyone together, including Hunter and Maddie, who were newly engaged, and expecting twins in 6 weeks.

" This is a special occasion. Not only is it my best friend's birthday, but Noah and I have a double surprise for you and Alison. We didn't tell you the babies' names, because we wanted it to be a surprise." (Luke)
" My husband and I would like to introduce you to your godsons...Adam James, and Christopher Thomas. And we would be honored if you and Alison would be their godparents." (Noah)

Alison took Chris into her arms, as Casey held Adam. He got tears in his eyes, as he realized what Luke and Noah had done. They named the boys after his brothers, and Chris had his father's name as a middle name. Tom and Margo were also honored to be a part of it. Jessica, Aidan, and Louise hugged their parents, as the babies cried.

" Mom, Dad, you want to hold them?" (Casey)
" Oh Luke, Adam would be so honored to hear you named this precious child after him." (Margo)
" And this precious little one has not only my son's name, but my name as well. Thank you both." (Tom)

The rest of the day went well, as Casey, Alison, Luke , Noah, and their children enjoyed a special day together. Sadly, after Amelia had given birth, she died of complications a day later. But Luke and Noah looked up at the sky, and knew she was looking down on her sons.


Later that night, after the kids were all asleep on the one side of the house, it wasn't too quiet in one particular room. Matter of fact, the room was filled with the sounds of moans, grunts, and screams. It was Luke and Noah..finally having a passionate night together, after Casey's party, after the twins' birth and homecoming, but needed to comfort each other after the sudden death of Amelia. Laying near the nightstand was a bottle of wine and two half-filled glasses, and of course, the lube and condoms near. Apparently, they drank one bottle earlier, and had finished half of the 2nd bottle, before Noah felt the need to pound into his husband's a'ss. Luke, who had drank a lot more, didn't care what happened. He wanted his lover and best friend to f'uck him hard and rough. The passion was there, even though they were both so wasted. Noah thrusted in and out of his husband at a quick pace, while whispering naughty things into Luke's ear. Luke grinned, as he screamed out loud, feeling so satisfied, and good.

" Baby, just pounding into you makes me feel so d'amn good baby....YESSSSS!!!" (Noah)
" You're so bad, but I think you better pump my dick even faster, so we both can come together!!! NOAH!!!!!"(Luke)
" I'm doing it babyyyyyy.......oh're so damn hot when you're naked!" (Noah)
" You're hitting it right there honey....NOAH OH MY GOD BABY!! YES!! I'm very close to coming!! Hic!!!" (Luke)
" God you're so d'amn beautiful and hot baby.....LUKE...AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" (Noah, as he came inside Luke)
" Not fair baby!! You beat...uh oh...NOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" (Luke, as he came all over them)

Noah collapsed on Luke, as they both were exhausted. After a little bit, Noah managed to pull out of Luke, but Luke had passed out. Noah stumbled, and fell on the floor, laughing. But Noah never got back up. He passed out on the floor, completely naked. Hours later, Luke woke up with a hangover, but as he looked around for his husband, he wasn't in the bed. He panicked, but almost laughed when he saw Noah lying on his back, naked, and passed out. Luke got down on the floor, and knew exactly what to do. He teased the tip of Noah's dick, figuring he could wake him up easily. As he took hold of Noah's dick in his mouth, Noah got this grin on his face, and stirred. He managed to grab onto Luke's head, moaning in pleasure, as Luke kept on. Wirhin a matter of minutes, Noah lifted up his body, and let go in Luke's mouth. After Luke swallowed it down, he kissed his husband with a passion. It would have been another round of sex, if it hadn't been for the twins crying, and Louise yelling.

" Guess we got a long day ahead of us. Let's get some pants on, and see our kids." (Luke)
" Oh my gosh...did we drink all that?" (Noah)
" I think we did. Honey, we got the best family ever. Louise, Chris, Adam, and each other." (Luke)

Luke and Noah got dressed, and headed to the nursery where the kids were. Noah picked up Adam, as Luke got Chris. Luke took one look at Chris, and got all teary. Louise walked in, as she saw her daddy crying.

" Don't cry Daddy. I love you." (Louise)
" Sit in the chair. I think your brothers want to be with their big sister." (Luke)

Luke and Noah stood on one side of the chair, as Louise held her baby brothers. Chris, who was the fussy one, cried a little, while Adam, who was an angel, grabbed onto Louise's finger. Luke and Noah grabbed each other's hand, as they spent time with their family. They looked out at the blue sky, as the sun came up. It's as if Amelia was shining upon them, letting them know she loved them.

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