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Ch8: The New Intern ( Part 1)

Luke was in his office at WOAK... he was on his laptop, looking at pictures taken at their engagement party. One of the pictures made him stop... he stared at the picture with joy, smiling and at the same time he felt an emptiness in his heart. The picture was of he and Noah kissing (Noah was smiling in the photo while he gave the kiss to Luke) in a beautiful position, he sighed and the feeling of emptiness deepened in his heart; he missed his beloved who was at that moment on a plane, in a search of answers. Luke whispered to himself:

- I miss you Noah..

At the same time, gazing out of the tiny window of the plane, Noah felt that call.. he felt the same emptiness, then in an attempt to shake off that sensation.. he pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and looked at the picture he had set as his background, It was the same picture that Luke was seeing in that moment, with his thoughts on Luke he was interrupted by a female voice:

- You miss him, right? Meg gave him a sympathetic look.

- Is it that obvious?

Pretty much, but don’t worry I feel the same way about Paul... for that reason I got up a few minutes ago, to call him… you should do that too..

- You think??... Yeah… what am I thinking?? I’m going to do that right now, thanks Meg.

- You’re welcome.

Noah got up from his seat and walked up to the phone at the end of the aisle.

In WOAK Luke's cell phone had started to ring, he took the call:

- Hello..

- Hey babe how are you… I know this might sound ridiculous but I miss you...

- Don’t be silly honey... I was feeling the same here.. I miss you so much and you’re only a two hour flight away... how's everything going?...

- It’s ok... don’t worry... I only wanted to hear your voice...

Luke smiled, but he didn’t notice that someone was listening behind his back

- Oh well you’re hearing me now... so did you have something else in mind... perhaps something more provocative...

Then the person behind his back interrupted the conversation abruptly:

- Luke, could you come to my office now...

Luke turned at the sound of the voice... Noah was still talking on the phone but Luke didn’t pay attention as he answered Nadine's question:

- Oh… sure I’ll be there in a minute... Luke said pointing to the phone with his finger.

- Now, please... Nadine said with a sarcastic smile. Luke looked at her, trying to conceal his annoyance.

- Ok..- Said Luke then he turned back to the phone

– Noah I have to leave you, Nadine is calling me.. please call me again when you get to the hotel... bye.

Then he got up from the chair and walked to Nadine's office, meanwhile Noah beat the phone against the wall when he heard the last words of the call:

- Damn... that… - he took a breath - I hope Luke doesn’t say anything rude to Nadine, that woman knows how to get to him…

Back at WOAK, Nadine was giving instructions to Luke whose face still showed his annoyance with the person in front of him:

- Did I make it clear to you Luke?

- Of course... and don’t worry the schedule will be ready today.

- Luke, I’m sorry to give you all this work, but since Noah isn’t here… – Nadine said sarcastically.

- No problem... can I go now??

- Please, don’t let me stop you… - Nadine finished the conversation and opened the door for him to leave.

Luke was walking to the set with a serious look on his face, suddenly a voice surprised him:

- Hey Luke..

Luke turned his head, he looked at two handsome guys he recognized one of them immediately:

- Parker... hey man how are you?

- fine, thanks.. so as I promised you.. – He looked towards the person next to him – I want to introduce you to my best friend Sam.

- Nice to meet you Sam – Said Luke with a wide smile.

Sam was shocked when he looked at Parker’s cousin.. he feel something embarrassing, the first thing that cross his mind was the beautiful smile of Luke and his cute hair, he snapped out of his thoughts when Parker nudged him:

- Oh.. hi.. I was amazed with your.. I mean with the decoration of the set..

- That’s ok.. you'll see it very often... you're the new intern, right?

- Yes.. this is my first day.. – he said with a shy smile.

- And Parker told me that you recently came out.. – Luke said trying to be polite with the words.

Sam scratched his head:

- Yeap... It was last month... and it was kinda a relief… I mean…

- Don’t worry we have enough time to talk about it... welcome to my world...

Nadine was witnessing the whole conversation and she smiled to herself thinking:

- well.. well.. I didn’t except this.. now I have everything I need.. let’s the plan begins..

Parker said to Luke:

- Well I hope you can help him with the internship.- he winked to Luke- .. and you Sam, just be yourself, you’re too weird today..

- Don’t worry I can take care of him.. I’ll take you to meet your new boss… she’s a witc.. – Luke whispered and was interrupted:

- It's not necessary that you scare our new intern like that Luke – said Nadine behind Luke’s back.

Luke was embarrassed for a moment:

- Oh you scared me Nadine.. I was trying to say Sam that he doesn't have to worry about anything…

- Luke is right Sam… and welcome by the way… I was expecting you… please come to my office and I'll give you the assignments of the day then you can come back here and Luke will explain your duties.

Sam followed Nadine to her office, Luke and Parker were staring while Sam walked away from them, Parker broke the silence:

- Is he going to be ok?

- Yeah… well… I hope so…

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