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Title: Changing
Chapter: Standalone
Rating: PG
Summary: After the episode of the october 8th, 2009
Characters: Luke and Noah
Genre: Romance
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For thw standalone Changing

Please play

“Well he's all like, sure babe yeah goes spend time with your advisor… Maybe I'm not the one he doesn't trust, maybe it's you.”
“I am getting to know you and it's becoming pretty clear that you don't trust him either.”

Noah was in his truck on his way home and Mason words are stuck in his mind, he tried to delete this words, like he tried to forget Luke’s confused eyes, when Mason told him the truth about the reason why he arrived late.

I trust you”

For the standalone ' Changing'

Noah knows that Luke has faith in him, so why he lied to him? He didn’t need that, Mason perhaps could be right? Between him and Luke there is in some way a lack of trust? Something in his relationship with Luke start to change? All this could be the start of the end? Only thinking of that makes Noah’s eyes start to be teary. He doesn’t want another love, he doesn’t want another man in his bed, but there is no way to control the feeling… and he knows that, since he tried hard to control his feelings for Luke…

He have no idea what road he had went through to get home, probably the same, with a weight in his heart he opens the door of their home, he sits himself on the sofa, with the light off.
When some words of a song arrive in his head, probably a song that the radio plays while he drove home

“More than words is all you have to do to make it real.
Then you wouldn’t have to say that you love me
Cos I’d already know”

These words seems to Noah a reproach… today actions sure didn’t show that he loves and that trust in Luke

“What would you do if my heart was torn in two
More than words to show you feel
That your love for me is real”

And these seem an accusation when in some way he didn’t support him enough. When he came to him after he was kicked out off of school asking for his help or when his fear he stopped Luke more than once when they were close to make love, making him insecure, pushing him toward Brian. He knows that Luke made some mistakes too, but he is aware that in some way he pushed Luke in the wrong direction. Is this another situation like the above? And perhaps that they aren’t able to make up? Noah knows that he feels flattered for the attraction that Mason has for him but is there more? Do they just share the love for making movies or is there something deep?

“Now I’ve tried to talk to you and make you understand
All you have to do is close your eyes
And just reach out your hands and touch me
Hold me close don’t ever let me go
More than words is all I ever needed you to show”

While these words run through his mind, the door of their home opens, it’s him. He just needs to discover the truth; the way he feels with him, if something between them has changed. Before Luke can turn on the light he goes close to him, and tenderly caresses his face. Luke was almost in front of the windows of the lounge, and the light of the moon shows his surprised face, Noah tenderly caresses his face from his forehead to his lips, Luke opens his mouth to say something but Noah kisses him to stop him from talking and looks into his brown eyes, thinking if what they have now it’s just habit, the sexual understanding and the fact that Luke has a family that Noah feel like was his or is the love still there? Then hugs him close, feeling the warmth of his body against his, the body that knows so well, he hides his face in his neck while Luke caresses his hair, his scent, his cheek now with a little stubble, and like always, a warmth, something deep grown inside of him, and two tears come from his eyes… something is changed…

Noah caress Luke’s face with both hands he want to explain all to Luke, but simply the words died in his mouth and with a suddenly intuition, he went to the CD player and a song fill in the air while he return into his arms.

Please play

Our love has changed
It’s not the same
And the only way to say it
is say it... it’s better

Noah hides his face into his neck
While they start to dance, slowly
Luke hugs him more closely
While feel again his tears on his skin

I can’t conceal
This way I feel
For all the times we spend together
Forever just gets better

Noah from his neck
Goes to his lips
For a kiss
Then deep
While they go to the sofa

For the standalone ' Changing'

Seem what I’m try to say is
You make things better
And no matter what the day is
With you here it’s better

Sitting, so close
They were kissing
While this song goes on and on

I stand by you
If you stand by me
I think it’s time that I reveal it
‘Cause I believe it
It’s better

Their lips was ridden
But they can’t stop
Noah needs that
They just need that

Seem what I’m try to say is
You make things better
And no matter what the day is
If you’re here it’s better
Luke averts his face from Noah
And looks at him
With those eyes
There is no way
To describe
What he feels
When he looks at him like that

Ooh the more I write song to you
I’m fall in love with everything you do

The doubts in his mind
Are gone

Seem what I’m try to say is
You make things better
And no matter what the day is
With you here it’s better

At the beginning it were the emotions of falling in love
Now he is falling more for him everyday
At the commencement was the happiness of discovering his soul and also his body
Now it’s understanding what he thinks with just one look, and knowing where touch him and caress him

Our love has changed
It’s not the same
And the only way to say it
is say it… it’s better

For the standalone ' Changing'

“I need to explain?”
Luke smile at him and Noah lover his look and says:
“Doubt, just that”
“About us”
Noah nod and Luke says:
“And are gone”

The end

Thanks to Bijou for the edit

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