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Title: Police Department
Chapter: 21 Letting go
Rating: PG
Summary: Noah leave the safe house
Characters: Luke, Noah, Mario Gambino, Giuseppe Gambino, Giovanni Gambino
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: This site is no way associated with "As the World Turns", CBS, P&G, "Distretto di Polizia" Canale 5, Taodue or Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. This is not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Authors submit and write their own work.
Autor's note: This Fan Fiction this is a crossover, from ATWT and an italian TV movie called "Distretto di Polizia" for help you you can go here to check the characters of this TV movie
And since we are in Italy, they talk in Italian but since it's write all in English only the part in italics was really said in english

For the FF Police Department

Luke hid his face in Noah’s neck and deeply sighed. His heart was breaking at the thought of letting Noah return to the Gambino Family; and possibly ending up dead.

But Noah was determined to bring the people, who killed his wife, to justice. If the Roman authorities couldn’t do it, he would.

Luke reluctantly agreed to the plan.

With a final kiss to the commissioner’s lips and a gentle thumb press of his lover’s cheek, Noah opened the bedroom door. He glanced back at Luke one last time; offered a small, sad smile and walked out.

Luke ran over to the bedroom window. The sun was just coming up as he watched Noah appear at a spot along the estate’s stone wall not regularly monitored by the security cameras. He quickly climbed over and dropped out of sight.

‘Good bye my love. Be safe.’

For the FF Police Department


After walking for about a mile, Noah found a cafe opening up for the morning rush hour. He told the owner he had been robbed at gunpoint on a bus with the thief taking his wallet.

“Could I please use your phone to call my family? They’ve got to be so worried.”

The owner agreed and took Noah to a small office where he left him to make the call. Noah dialed Mario Gambino’s private number.

“Mario, It’s Noah...I know you’ve been worried...I was on my way back to the house when I was robbed and the bastard took my wallet...I’m calling from Carcalla’s Cafe on Appia Road, near the traffic circle...Can you pick me up?... I have some news about an expected delivery...Thanks, Mario...I’ll be waiting.”

Inside he was a bundle of nerves. But outwardly Noah tried hard to play it cool.

The owner, apparently taking pity on him, placed a cup of coffee and a brioche in front of Noah, who sat at a table with a clear view of the parking area in front of the cafe.

Some 15 minutes after Noah made the phone call, a black Mercedes pulled up out front.

Noah watched as Luigi Lo Priesti, Mario’s personal chauffeur and bodyguard, jumped out of the vehicle. After quickly scanning the area for any sign of trouble or the cops, Luigi ran around to the rear passenger side door and opened it.

First to get out were Mario’s sons, Giovanni and Giuseppe, who both appeared nervous; fingering a slight budge under their suit jackets.

Last to leave the safety of the car was the godfather himself Mario Gambino, head of one of Italy’s most powerful mafia families and Noah’s father-in-law.

While Lo Presti stood guard outside, the three Gambinos walked into the cafe: locking eyes with the man they viewed as a traitor. Giovanni slid into a chair to Noah’s left while Giuseppe occupied the seat to his right.

Mario glared at Noah before collapsing into a seat across from him.

“You have exactly two minutes,” he whispered, “to convince me why I should let you live.”

Noah leaned in on his elbows.

“Good to see you too, Dad,” he smirked. “Just thought you’d like to know the police know all about the diamond shipment coming in today. They plan on arresting the courier as soon as her plane lands at Fiumicino Airport.

The news took all three Gambinos completely by surprise.

“How can you know that?” asked Mario.

“Let’s just say there are advantages to living in a safe house with a police commissioner for several weeks.”

“Papa, you can’t trust him,” Giovanni pleaded. “He betrayed us; and you know about him and that cop Synder.”

Noah acted shocked. “What are you talking about?”

“Noah, you kissed him in Scipioni Park. We have the pic-- ...”

“You’re right,” Noah quickly admitted, cutting off Giovanni. “I kissed Commissioner Snyder. But when you kidnapped me and beat me to within an inch of my life, you never asked me to explain that. Did you?”

“Why bother when we have this...” Giovanni pushed the cell phone picture to within an inch of Noah’s face.

“Boy, you must really work at being an idiot. I’ve been playin’ Commissioner Snyder ever since the first time he interrogated me. It was so obvious he was attracted to me,” Noah explained, adding, “The day I was in the park, I was following Valerio Coppola. Name ring a bell? The bastard killed your sister.” He looked between the two brothers. “...along with my daughter.”

Giovanni interrupted. “You’re not allowed to do whatever you want, we have rules in this family. You don’t move a muscle without approval.”

“But I did follow the rules,” Noah said, looking at Mario. “Tell them.”

Somewhat hesitantly, Mario backed up Noah. “He had my authorization to investigate Angela’s and Elisa’s murders.”

“I discovered,” Noah continued, “that Coppola was following the commissioner. I ran ahead and circled back. I hid behind a tree at the bend in the walkway and when the policeman approached I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him behind the tree thereby saving him from Coppola.”

“I only kissed Synder,” said Noah looking directly at Giovanni, “to gain his trust.”

Mario quiet for most of the conversation then spoke up. “Tell me about what you know about the police investigation into the family.”

“The Revenue Guard Corps were following the illegal export of diamonds when they discovered who was to receive the diamonds,” Noah shared. “It’s all in a file belonging to the commissioner that I found yesterday. I also found evidence that the payment would be made today via the courier. I left the safe house early this morning to get back to you and warn you. Did the courier get on Alitalia Flight 4215?”

The three members of the Gambino family exchanged surprised looks at how exactly much Noah knew about the courier and the planned drop off.

“Yes,” Mario finally admitted. “The courier is on the flight.”

“We can call her when the flight lands, tell her the cops are on to her.” Giuseppe suggested. “But she’ll have to get rid of the diamonds somehow. She can’t let the cops find them on her.”

Noah then made a suggestion.

“You can tell her to hide the diamonds somewhere in the arrivals terminal where someone else can get them later once the heat dies down.”

“But where?” Mario asked. “The place is bound to be crawling with cops just waiting for her to reach inbound customs.”

“Surely there are some public bathrooms before customs. She can hide the diamonds in the water tank of one of the toilets in a particular bathroom. there,” Noah suggested.

“We can have our man - Eduardo Campini - who works in the airport’s maintenance department,” Giuseppe said, “go in after them once the police clear out.”

“This better work...” Mario said, pushing his chair back from the table.

For the FF Police Department

Later that evening, Noah was sitting in the living room at the Gambino’s estate. The plan had worked perfectly. The family had been able to reach the courier in time. She hid the diamonds later retrieved by Campini; and delivered safety into Gambino hands.

Noah looked at the new cell phone in his hand. Giovanni had given it to him no doubt bugging it beforehand.

Despite Noah tipping them off about the police plans to intercept the dropoff, the family wasn’t completely ready to trust their wayward relative.

He feel like a bird trapped in a cage. All he wanted was to find the final bit of proof to put away Mario and the others for good and reunite with Luke.