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Les Freres Corbusier's Dance Dance Revolution
Dance Dance Revolution

This December, Les Freres Corbusier transforms the Ohio Theater into a fully immersive, bombed-out discothèque as we fuse unmerciful Japanese rave music with deeply regrettable sophomoric comedy in this one-of-a-kind, futuristic dance spectacular, Dance Dance Revolution. Riffing on fizzy dance musicals like Flashdance and death sport movies such as Rollerball, Dance Dance Revolution is like Footloose set in the future—but much scarier, and with 50 really attractive,
barely-clothed young actors and buckets of free beer.

Van's Character Wiggles
Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution
Jaquise (Ian Unterman) and Wiggles

(Van Hansis) Wiggles is a fun-loving, dumpster-diving, teenage renegade. He grew up in the landfill on the south side of town, watching cartoons from the eighties. The nineteen eighties. Like way old school. He and Jaquise have been besties 4FR. Turnons: sequined gloves, busting hot moves, arithmetic. Turnoffs: making decisions, thinking about any sort of consequence that his actions may have, and books without pictures.

Reviews,articles and interviews
Village Voice Collumn by Tom Sellar
Dance Danc e Revolution - Opening Night
by goodboyluke from

Some pictures from the show
Van dancing 1st number
Van dancing to Zippity Do Dah
Van (Wiggles) and Jacquise
Van dancing on DDR

Dance Dance Revolution
Dance Dance Revolution