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Nuke Clips From December 30, 2008
Nuke Episode Summary:

Lucinda pressures Brian into staying home to have sex. Luke walks in the room to hear Brian doesn't want to stay. Noah and Maddie are waiting for Casey and Luke at Metro. Brian shows Luke his flowers from Noah. Lucinda refuses to go to Metro with Brian. Luke tells Brian that he shouldn't have married a woman. Maddie is growing impatient waiting for Casey, so she leaves to get her cell phone. Luke is angry that Brian isn't making Lucinda happy. Maddie overhears Alison and Casey being intimate in a room at Lakeview. Brian tries to convince Lucinda that he wants to make love, but she's being too demanding. So he leaves to go to Metro alone. Jade is still angry with Luke and he tries once again to apologize. Lucinda and Jade exchange insults before Jade storms off. Luke shows up at Metro and he asks Noah to dance. Brian walks in and sees them dancing. Jade shows up at Metro and argues with Derek. Lucinda is upset with herself and decides to go to Metro. Jade wants to apologize to Luke. When Noah walks away he runs into a crying Maddie, so he takes her to Al's to comfort her. Luke and Jade call a truce, then Luke leaves to look for Noah. Bonnie tries to stick up for Derek to Jade. Not being able to find Noah, Luke drinks some champagne, then angrily leaves, followed by Brian. Lucinda shows up at Metro, but Brian is gone. Brian sits down Luke in Old Town because he's drunk and stumbling around. Jade tries to stall Noah from seeing Luke drunk. Luke taunts Brian because he knows Brian wants him and then he kisses Brian. Noah walks by and sees them kissing and then punches Brian's lights out. Noah grabs Luke and leaves. Lucinda finds Brian on the ground in Old Town. Brian says that he was mugged. Noah takes Luke back home and Noah blames himself for allowing Brian to come onto Luke again. Luke admits to Noah that he's the one who kissed Brian. Noah yells at Luke and then angrily leaves. Once Noah is gone, Luke reads Noah's love letter. Maddie runs into Casey at the elevator. Through tears, she explains that she knows where he was and then leaves him in shock.

Memorable Nuke Lines:

Luke: Nice tie.
Noah: Thanks, my boyfriend gave it to me.
Luke: Oh yeah. Well that's so I would have the excuse to do this. <Fixes Noah's tie.> Who kissed you?
Noah: Maddie. Did you get my flowers?
Luke: Yeah, yeah, they're great. Um, what was up with that letter, don't open til 2009?
Noah: Exactly what it says. You don't get to open that til tomorrow when you wake up next to me.
Luke: So tonight really is the night.
Noah: Finally.
Luke: Dance with me...Oh, what's the matter Noah, you afraid of sticking out in a crowd?
Noah: Not if it's with you.

Nuke Interacted With:

Brian, Jade, Maddie, Lucinda.

Steamy Nuke Moments:

Luke and Noah talking about how "tonight really is the night" and then dancing in a crowd.

Important Nuke Moments:
Noah punches Brian after seeing Luke and Brian kiss and later breaks up with Luke.

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