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How do I post my story?

- Look at the Add your FF page

How can I keep up with my favorite Story/Author:

- Click on "More Tools" at the top of the right side of page.

- Click on Watch the Page.

- When you click on Watch the Page, you will get emailed when the page/story is updated!

How do I rate my story?

- G - A general story. May contain very mild language.
- PG - Story contains mild language, sexual themes, or mild violence.
- PG-13 - Story contains moderate language, sex, drug use, or violence.
- R - Story contains strong language, graphic sexuality, strong drug use, or strong violence.
- NC-17 - Story contains excessive strong language, graphic sexuality, strong drug use, or strong violence.

I use Firefox, how do I best post my FF?

1. Create a page with the FF template
2. Right click on your mouse and choose 'Select all', click on underlines and italics to make the template normal text.
3. Save
4. Use 'EasyEdit' again - at this point, it lets you paste your story under the template and not in it.
5. Go back and make the template underlined/italicized if you want

How do I put up warnings for my FF?

Follow this link and view a list of warnings at the bottom of the page that you may use for your FF.

How do I add music?

In YT or Imeem, or where ever it is you want to pick your music from,
you'll find an embed code. (Some vids may not have this option)
In YT for example you will find that code to the right, under the info.
So here's how to do it:
1. Copy the embed code
2. Go to your page and under the 'easy edit toolbar' you choose 'Widget'
3. Pick where from you want to embed your music, in this example YT
4. Choose 'Add by URL or EMBED'
5. Paste your text in the little box and choose 'add YouTube Video'
6. tada! From here you can choose to make it smaller or bigger, using the + or -

How do I link my stories from my Author Page?

1. Use the 'Easy edit toolbar', mark the text you want to add a link to.
2. Choose the button 'link' in the tool bar.
3. Choose 'Find page'
4. Scroll down to your page and choose which chapter you want it to link to.
5. press 'select location'
6. choose 'add link'

I need someone to proofread my story, what to do

- Here is a list of Beta readers you can contact:
Geezlouise, Juliadw, Tisaumi,Scpajor, Amesstar, Bijou, Cjlxx, CacklingPomegranate,
Any system will be decided with the individual writers.

How do I fill in the categories in the Fan Fiction template?

To Fill in the categories.
Title: Your story's title
Chapter title, or number (If there is only one chapter, put the story's title)
Rating: Story's rating (List of ratings and their meaning above)
Summary: Write a short summary for your story/chapter
Characters: Which characters appear in the chapter
Genre: List the genres of your story
Warnings: List the warnings that will appear in your story
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