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Nuke Clips From February 11, 2009

Nuke Episode Summary:

At the hospital, Matt tells Alison that he's staying in town and got a job at Yo's. He invites her to hang out while he's working. When Alison walks away, Matt also invites Casey, but when Casey sees Ali, he backs out. Luke shows up at Java with Jade. They tell Noah that they are throwing Casey a surprise party. Jade goes to the hospital and asks Casey to hang out with her. She finally talks Casey into going. Luke and Noah show up at Yo's and Reg is there. Luke sees Ali at the bar. After she hears it's Casey's birthday party, she decides to leave, but Matt and Luke convince her to stay. Casey arrives at Yo's to a surprise! Luke and Noah go to dance, while Casey downs shots. Ali wishes Casey a happy birthday. He makes a crude comment to her and she gets upset. To take his mind off Alison, Jade asks Casey to dance. Elwood shows up at the party. Elwood wants to make amends, but continues to insult Casey. Luke and Noah go outside to get some air. While outside of Yo's, Luke and Noah see Reg and Elwood talking. Matt teases Ali for staring at Jade and Casey. Elwood makes a crude comment about Alison and Emily. Casey gets angry and punches Elwood. Matt pulls Casey away. Alison leaves in disgust. Elwood makes another comment and Casey lunges at him. Suddenly, Reg collapses. Jade makes Casey leave in case the police show up. Matt and Ali are at Java and talk about Casey. Luke and Noah go to the hospital with Reg. A doctor comes out and tells Luke and Noah that Reg didn't make it. Noah is holding Reg's jacket when some pills fall out of the pocket. Luke thinks that Elwood sold Reg the pills. Ali and Matt go back to Yo's. The bartender tells them that someone collapsed. Alison is worried about Casey so she goes to his house to check on him. When she arrives, she sees Casey and Jade together on the couch. Luke and Noah are in Old Town, and Elwood walks by. Luke angrily shoves him against the wall and accuses Elwood of murder. Jade and Casey continue to have sex. Alison goes back to Yo's and is upset about what she saw. She tells Matt that she and Casey are officially over.

Memorable Nuke Lines:

Noah: <On his cell phone> Yeah? Great Brian, I really appreciate it.
Luke: Brian?
Noah: Uh, Lewis, not Wheatly. He agreed to trade shifts with me in case you were planning something special for Valentine's Day.
Luke: Oh, oh, I'm in charge of Valentine's Day?
Noah: You are now. <Kiss>

Nuke Interacted With:

Jade, Reg, Matt, Ali, Casey, Elwood.

Steamy Nuke Moments:

Noah comforts Luke after Reg's death.

Important Nuke Moments:

Luke and Noah attend/throw Casey's birthday party.
Luke and Noah walk in on a drug deal.
Luke and Noah have to deal with Reg's death.

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