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Nuke Clips From February 19, 2009

Nuke Episode Summary:

Luke, Noah and Kevin walk to Java having just come from Reg's memorial service. They run into Elwood and Elwood and Luke start to argue over Reg. Lily and Jade are at Fashions shopping and Jade tells Lily that Casey is her "boyfriend." They discuss Casey and Jade. Lily asks how Jade's going to afford a dress when Emily walks in. Luke is being pulled off of Elwood by Noah and Kevin and Luke and Noah start to fight with Elwood and then Elwood leaves. Luke, Noah and Kevin discuss Elwood and Kevin leaves. Luke tells Noah they have to break into Elwood's dorm room. Margo and Casey are at Al's discussing Elwood and Reg's murder when Alison and Matt walk in. Matt asks if Alison would like to leave. Casey and Margo talk about Alison. Matt asks Alison what she wants to drink, but she's distracted and Matt decides they should leave. Jade and Lily are still at Fashions and Jade tells Emily to buy her a dress and give her money because she broke up Alison and Casey. Lily wants to know what Emily wanted with Jade. Noah and Luke are discussing Luke's plan and Noah is completely against it. Noah tells Luke to "let it go" and leaves for school. Alison and Matt are walking through Old Town discussing Casey. Luke breaks into Elwood's dorm room and starts to look around. Luke finds a note that says "Got You Covered, M." A security guard accompanied by Kevin catches Luke and he is escorted out. Margo and Casey are still discussing Reg's murder and his birthday party. Jade and Lily discuss Holden. Emily and Casey. Alison and Matt are at the hospital and Emily shows up. Alison and Emily discuss Casey and Emily asks for Alison's forgiveness. Alison tells Emily she was right and about Casey and Jade. Noah walks into the police interrogation room where Luke is being held and they hug. Noah wants to know what happened. Luke tells him about Kevin and asks if Noah has the money to bail him out. Margo walks in and tells Luke he has committed a felony and asks him what he was doing in Elwoods dorm room. Margo leaves to call Luke's parents. Luke and Noah are left alone and Luke gives Noah the note he found. Alison and Emily talk about Casey and Jade. Emily leaves. Lily walks into the interrogation room and demands to know what happened. Luke explains that Noah didn't do anything and was just bailing him out and Lily and Luke tell Noah he can go. Noah takes the note and leaves. An upset Lily and Luke discuss what he did. Emily goes to the Snyders and her and Jade argue that Jade wasn't being paid to sleep with Casey and Emily relents giving Jade the money when Casey walks in. Casey wants to know why Emily gave Jade money. Casey tells Emily to leave. Casey asks why Emily paid Jade off and they discuss Emily. Casey blows off Jade and leaves. Lily and Luke talk about what he did. Lily pleads with Margo to drop the charges. Lily ask Elwood to drop the charges. Elwood agrees only if Luke will apologize, to which Luke refuses. Noah goes to the hospital in search of Casey and asks Alison if she's seen him. Casey walks up and Noah tells Casey what happened to Luke and gives Casey the note. Luke continues to refuse to apologize and fights with Elwood. Noah walks in and convinces Luke to apologize. Luke is allowed to leave. Casey takes the note and walks into the medicine closet to find Matt inside. Matt leaves and Casey wonders if the "M" on the note stands for Matt. Luke and Noah are at Java discussing the note. Noah wants to know why Luke can't let the situation go. Kevin comes in and he tells Luke he didn't know that Luke was the one who broke into Elwood's room and says he wants to help. Noah wants to know why Luke is being paranoid. Lily walks in and tells Jade that Luke was arrested. Jade and Lily discuss Casey and Jade leaves. Noah and Luke discuss Kevin and Elwood and Noah tells Luke he can't loose him. Luke promises he'll be fine. Jade finds Casey in the hospital and they start to kiss. Casey pushes her away and leaves. Alison and Matt are at Yo's and they kiss just as Casey walks in.

Memorable Nuke Lines:

Noah: Let the cops handle it, please. One person already died, I don't want you to be next.
Luke: Oh Noah, don't be so dramatic.
Noah: Hey, if Elwood really did do what you think he did, he's a pretty dangerous guy. We don't know what he's capable of.
Luke: Look, Noah...
Noah: <Cutting Luke off> I can't lose you Luke.

Nuke Interacted With:

Kevin, Margo, Lily, Elwood.

Steamy Nuke Moments:

Important Nuke Moments:

Kevin tells Luke and Noah that he'll keep an eye out on Elwood for them.
Luke gets arrested for breaking into Elwood's dorm room.

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