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Nuke Clips From February 6, 2009

Nuke Episode Summary:

Noah shows up at Luke's place and catches Luke on the computer. He thinks Luke is buying him a Valentine's day gift, but Luke is looking for an apartment for them. Noah tells Luke that they are not ready for an apartment. Luke is upset that Noah doesn't want to live with him. Noah explains that he wants to live with Luke, but after he graduates. Holden interrupts their argument. He tells them that there is nothing new on Eliza and then leaves to apologize to Meg. Luke admits to Noah that he was wrong. Noah says that when they get their own place, he wants it to theirs equally. Noah promises Luke that they will get their own place someday.

Memorable Nuke Lines:

Noah: You didn't buy me that gray jacket, did you?
Luke: What gray jacket?
Noah: You know, the one we saw on that guy in the restaurant? <Luke shakes his head no> Do you listen to anything I say.
Luke: Well, when you're looking at some other guy, no I don't.
Noah: Not the guy, the jacket.

Noah: No, no Luke. When we get our own place I want it to be truly ours. You know, I want us to split the rent, you know equal shares, 50-50.
Luke: That sounds so good.
Noah: Well, which part?
Luke: You said when we get our own apartment, you didn't say if you said when.
Noah: That's cause its going to happen.
Luke: Do you promise?
Noah: Yeah, I promise. <Kiss> Especially if you get me an awesome Valentine's Day present. <Kiss>

Nuke Interacted With:


Steamy Nuke Moments:

Small Nuke fight but everything is resolved ending with a kiss.

Important Nuke Moments:

Noah promises Luke they will eventually move in together.

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