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Title: Fling
Chapter: 1
Rating: nc17
Genre: Luke, Ryan, Noah, Stacy, etc.
Warnings 1) Sexual situations. Language. etc
2) English is not my native language! Sorry for the mistakes.
3) It's a very long chapter!

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Ryan was beaming « It’s gonna be awesome!! »

He reached out to grab the tube of sunscreen cream and spread some on his chest.

« Yeah, a big party on the beach, terrific! Too bad it’s already the end of our holidays… » Luke added as he laid on his beach towel to dry.

It was summer. Luke and his best friend Ryan had graduated and had decided to spend holidays in Florida together. They had rented a bungalow for three weeks and today was their last day here. Then they would have to go back to Oakdale and start college soon after…
But right now they didn’t want to think about it! Stacy, a girl Ryan was dating ‘for holidays’ was throwing a big party on a beach her dad owned.

Ryan was excited, « There will be a ton of people! »

Luke scratched his head « Um, everybody can come tonight? You don‘t need any invitation, right? »

« Right. Actually, you just have to go and see if you’re allowed to take part of the party or not. But Luke, if by ‘everybody’ you mean ‘the hot young receptionist’, I’m sure he knows there’s a party tonight… But man, you’re stuck on this guy for no reason! »

Luke shrugged, « I‘m not stuck on him! How could I be? I haven’t even talked to him! »

Ryan shook his head slightly, « If you say so… But there’s plenty of hot guys who hit on you all the time! Really, sometimes, I don’t get you. Example, I don‘t understand why you said no to this guy, the one we met the first day, you know, Matthew. »

Luke’s eyes widened « He only wanted sex! He was attractive, very, but half an hour after we met he told me ‘God you‘re hot… wanna **** you, up for it?’, like this, I swear! »

Ryan burst into laughter, « He asked me the same thing the same way! »

Luke laughed too, « Yeah but with you it worked! »

Ryan made a shocked face, « What?! No! »

« Are you kidding me!? » Luke giggled and grabbed a handful of sand that he threw on Ryan’s chest « Ryan, I heard you in the bathroom! »

« I swear it didn’t work! » Ryan answered trying to get rid of the sand that was sticking to his chest because of the sunscreen cream. He took his revenge by pushing Luke out of his towel and added,

« It didn’t work, Luke. I ****** him! He- »

Luke put his hands on his ears, « No details please Ryan! ». He got up and motioned Ryan to go swimming with him.

When they reached the oceanfront, Luke thought a moment about this night he couldn’t sleep because of Ryan and Matthew’s moans in the bathroom and shook his head, « You know Ryan, you’re a slut! »

« I am! » Ryan answered and pushed Luke so he lost his balance and fell in the water. « And prooouud to be! » He added loudly before he plunged in the water to join his friend.

As soon as Ryan’s head got out of the water, Luke splashed him but Ryan grabbed him by the waist then dunked his head. They had fun acting like children till they decided to stop and swam quietly,

« You know that Matthew will come tonight? » Luke asked while they were swimming.

Ryan turned his face and winked at Luke, « He’ll sure come tonight, yeah! ».

Luke's mouth dropped open and he stopped swimming, « What?! …And Stacy? »

Ryan smirked and swam away, « Whatever, buddy, it’s holidays! »

Luke knew Ryan for 5 years, nonetheless sometimes his behavior really shocked him.

Ryan turned around and realized that Luke wasn’t following him, he swam back to Luke and rolled his eyes, « Luke stop being so… moral. Loosen up! Let yourself go! Unless you want to be a virgin forever. »

Ryan ruffled his best friend’s hair but Luke was pouting « Oh come on! I‘m teasing you! Although I really think that you should think less and act more. »

Luke stared into space for a moment and exhaled. I should probably listen to Ryan. I have never even kissed a guy. I’ve kissed a few girls when I was still in denial… not that I really liked it but still… and well, once I kissed a guy, but we were playing ‘Truth or dare’, how exciting… Luke shook his head and exhaled. « Yeah, maybe you‘re right. » He is definitely right. I’m so uptight.

Ryan smiled, « Not ‘maybe’! Now, last one to the yellow buoy!!! »


Luke was sat on the sand, alone, watching people arriving.

Ryan saw Luke and excused himself to Stacy to join him. He sat next to him, wrapped an arm around his shoulders and took a sip of his beer.

« Stop waiting for him Luke, don‘t you see all these hot guys? » Ryan said pointing to a group of surfers.

« I’m not waiting for him. » Luke said as he took a look at the group but not interested he almost immediately looked over his shoulder to see who was coming then realized what he was doing « Oh ****, I am. I never dared to talk to him and now I‘ll never see him again... That‘s pathetic. »

« Never say never. » Ryan replied with a grin.

Luke sighed and got up. « It doesn’t matter. Listen, I go back to the bungalow, I’m gonna write a little. »

« Oh, you write? » Luke heard coming from behind.

He turned around and saw him. Luke didn’t say a word. He stared at the handsome man in front of him and gulped. Ryan rolled his eyes and got up,

« Hey man, I’m Ryan and this is Luke. » Ryan said and shook his hand. « What’s your name? »

« I’m Noah. Nice to meet you guys. » Noah said with a smile.

Ryan looked at Noah and put a hand on Luke’s shoulder,

« To answer your question, yes, he writes. And I’ll add that he’s the most talented guy I’ve ever met. » He said sincerely.

Luke looked at his friend and smiled shyly, « Thank you. »

Ryan smiled back at him, « I mean it » he said rubbing his shoulder. Then he looked back at Noah and saw him staring at them with a frown. He removed his hand from Luke’s shoulder, he didn’t want Noah to get the wrong idea,

« We’re just friends! »

Noah smiled and nodded « Ok, ok. »

« Really! » Ryan insisted. « See you later Luke, I’m going back to Sta- Oh Matthew’s here! Bye Noah. »

« Ok, bye. » Luke replied waving goodbye to his friend and turned back his attention to Noah. « You… You write too? »

Noah put his hands in his pockets and answered « No, not really. But I love to read. I could spend days reading or - »

Luke smiled and studied Noah’s face. He's so gorgeous… And his eyes are so BLUE!

Noah coughed, startling Luke. « Um, Luke, you’re still with me? »

Luke looked down at his feet and answered bashfully, « Yeah, sorry I was thinking. » I have to stop acting like this, it’s my chance. « I’ve been published recently. » I sound like a pompous ass.

« Wow. Congratulations! What’s the name of the book? » Noah asked, genuinely interested.

« ‘The choice’. »

« It‘s a novel? »

« Yeah, um, about a young man who thinks that he has hit the rock bottom after his parents’ death when one day… I won’t say more… Maybe you could read it? My book succeeds, you know! » I definitely sound like a pompous ass now! « I know it probably sounds kinda arrogant… »

« I don’t think you’re arrogant. You’re just excited about it and it's normal. »

« I am excited, yeah! It’s my first book and I was so scared everybody would hate it and now, I see it in the bookshops everywhere. It’s weird. »

« Weird? You mean awesome! If one day I see posters of my movies everywhere, wow! » Noah said with a dreamy look.

« Your movies? You’re an actor? » Noah in a movie, I would definitely want to watch it... Even if I know the movie sucks!

« No, I want to be a director. When I’ll have enough money to go to college, I’ll start my studies and I’ll do my best to succeed. » Noah says with determination.

« You sound determined. That’s great. I hope you’ll realize your dream. » Luke said.

« Thanks Luke. Hey, you know what? I’m curious! Tomorrow I’ll go to the bookshop and buy your book! »

Luke smiled from ear to ear. He seems adorable. I wish I had met him sooner. There’s so much people around us, I wish I could talk to him quietly. He wants to buy my book! Maybe he does because he likes me. Maybe. Thinking about it…

« Noah, I have a copy of my book in my bungalow, I’d be glad to give it to you. »

« Really? Thanks! » Noah replied with a grin.

« Don’t thank me yet. Maybe you’ll hate it, I don’t know. » Luke said walking to his place with Noah.

« I’m sure it’s excellent. » Noah said with a smile that made Luke feel like he didn’t have legs anymore but wings. « And what you said about your book kinda makes me think about me.»

« Oh, what do you mean? »

« My dad died two years ago, just after I graduated. He was my only family. Instead of going to college, I started to work here and- » Noah suddenly stopped his sentence and continued. « I’m sorry, I don’t know why I talked to you about it, I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. »

« Don’t worry about it. That’s ok. » Luke replied with a comforting smile.

They finally reached the bungalow and came in. Luke motioned Noah to sit on the sofa and went to his room to find the book. He found it and took a deep breath. « Noah is here with me! Noah is here with me! Don’t be shy Luke, he seems to like you, maybe you stand a chance. Am I talking to myself?! »

Luke shook his head and came back to Noah. He held the book out to Noah and said,

« You’ll just have to tell me honestly what you thought about it. »

« Ok! Maybe I’ll even want to make a movie of it! »


‘It had to be a secret. They couldn’t know who I really was. They wouldn’t love me if they knew. And I didn’t want to feel alone anymore.’

« Wow, I just read the first chapter and I’m already hooked. That’s really poignant, intense, I already love it. »

Luke blushed, « Thank you. »

« Ryan was right, you’re talented. »

« Thank you. Again. »

« I mean it » Noah replied and chuckled watching Luke, « You're blushing. »

« Sorry. » Luke said putting his hands on his cheeks.

Noah laughed, « Don’t be. It’s cute. »

Did he just say I was cute? No he said it was cute, not me, just the fact that I was blushing for his compliment.

Without realizing it they spent hours talking about everything and laughed because they frequently said the same thing at the same time and used the same references.

Luke felt more and more attracted to Noah, he couldn‘t help but stare at his lips, his arms, his eyes.

Luke wondered for how long they were talking and took a look at his watch.

« Noah, we’re talking for three hours! » Luke said and smiled happily. He was having a great time with him.

« Oh… You wanna go back to the party? I was supposed to meet some friends an hour ago but I feel good here. Um, but maybe you’re tired or Ryan will be there soon?»

« I’m not tired and Ryan is probably busy doing something… with someone… somewhere… »

Noah nodded, « Yep, he’ll probably spend the night with Stacy. »

Luke scratched his head and smirked slightly, « Yeah, Stacy… » or someone else… « You know her? »

« Yeah. I know her family. They spend every holidays in Florida since forever. Her father is very rich and owes a lot of hostels and beaches here. He‘s my boss and was a friend of my father's. She’s cool. »

« Yes, she’s cool! We had a lot of fun with her. That was awesome. I can’t believe I leave in twelve hours… »

« What?! »

« It’s my last night here. » Luke stated sadly.

« Your last night here! » Noah repeated, « That‘s too bad, we just met!»

Luke sighed, « Yeah, I know. »

After a long silence, Luke smiled at Noah and Noah smiled back in a way that made Luke suddenly brave. Timidly he reached out to put his hand on Noah’s and bit his lip, afraid to be rejected. When he didn’t see Noah remove his hand, he raised his head to look at him. They stared into each other’s eyes until Noah suddenly removed his hand, turned away and got up,

« We should go back to the party. » He said coldly.

Luke cleared his throat. He felt ashamed. « Um, yeah we… should… go. »

Noah reached the front door but didn’t open it. He turned to Luke and took a deep breath as he stared at his face,

« Or not. »

Noah’s lips suddenly crashed on Luke‘s. Luke’s heartbeat fastened uncontrollably. He wrapped his arms around Noah and melt under the kiss. They fell on the sofa and kept on kissing for minutes. When they broke the kiss, Luke felt immediately cold even if Noah’s body was covering him. He wanted more. He looked into Noah’s eyes and brushed his lips with the tip of his tongue. Noah’s lips parted immediately, letting Luke’s tongue met his.

Noah felt himself getting all tingly. He felt hot and let his hands wander on Luke’s body through his clothes. Luke slid his hands under Noah’s shirt and rubbed his back tenderly. He felt the soft skin under his hands and heard Noah moan.

Luke’s body reacted right away. He rolled on top of Noah, pinned him on the sofa and kissed him eagerly, driving the brunette crazy.

Noah started to remove Luke’s shirt but stopped to be sure he had Luke’s permission. Luke nodded his approval and Noah removed the shirt enthusiastically then came back to kissing Luke again, his lips, his jaw, his neck. Luke couldn‘t help but moan, the sounds sending electricity into Noah’s whole body.

They felt themselves losing control and loved the sensation. Soon, they were both shirtless, touching and kissing. Luke was hard and could feel that Noah was too.

That feels so good. Ryan was right, ‘think less and act more’.

Luke unconsciously rubbed his erect **** against Noah’s through their clothes and Noah grabbed Luke’s butt, pushing him closer to intensify the sensation.

They were breathing hard, the friction driving them crazy. Luke stopped and slid down to kiss Noah’s chest, his stomach... He then gazed at Noah’s crotch and licked his lips. ‘Act more’.

Noah saw it and gulped. He closed his eyes when Luke started to unzip his Bermuda shorts. Luke removed them and took a look at Noah’s face as he rubbed his very hard **** through his boxer briefs. His eyes were closed and he was breathing hard. Luke smiled to himself and pushed down Noah’s briefs slowly to give Noah the possibility to stop him if he wanted to. But he didn’t stop him.

Luke found himself facing Noah’s **** and felt really as excited as nervous. Damn, it’s huge! He slowly lowered his head and tentatively licked Noah’s **** from the base to the tip.

Noah’s legs started to shake so Luke rubbed them slightly.

« You're ok Noah? »

« Oh yes! »

Luke chuckled at the enthusiastic answer. He gently grabbed Noah’s **** and started to stroke it. Noah let out whimpers when Luke lowered his head to lick once again, then did it again and again, insisting on the sensitive nerve and that almost brought Noah to climax already. He stopped a moment and watched Noah’s slippery **** swelling, twitching, leaking pre-*** in his hand and decided that he couldn’t wait any longer. He engulfed it and was soon sucking and licking it as if his life depended on it, without his teeth coming in contact with Noah’s **** and without pushing too far as Ryan and some friends told him to. He felt surprised by the taste of the precum but at the same time incredibly aroused by it. Considering Noah’s loud moans and the way he was breathing, he thought to himself that he was doing pretty good.

Noah was clenching the fabric of the sofa. He knew that he wouldn‘t be able to last much longer and warned him,

« Luuuke, I‘m close. Stop.»

Luke reluctantly stopped sucking, laid next to Noah and came back to kissing him on the lips. Noah rubbed Luke’s sides and slid his hands down to push Luke’s shorts and boxer briefs down then reached out to grab Luke’s ****. Luke let out a deep moan and groaned uncontrollably when Noah started to stroke it with his own ****.

« Uh! Oh God! Hmmm. Yeaaaah. »

Luke was so excited that he quickly felt on the verge of exploding. He didn’t want this moment to stop now, he took Noah’s hand and slowly stopped him. He intertwined their fingers as he tried to pull himself together and gazed at Noah’s face for a moment.

When he thought that he had chilled out a little, he came back to kissing him as he managed to slip under him. He spread his legs and Noah naturally took place between them.

Suddenly Luke realized what was really happening. That he was naked, kissing and touching a guy he barely knew, who had now his hard **** between his legs. But it was so good and felt so right.

He could feel Noah’s **** slightly throb next to his and wasn’t sure where all this was going to lead them. He just knew that he loved what he felt. He broke the kiss reluctantly and asked breathlessly,

« What… What are we doing? »

Noah had to admit to himself that he didn‘t know the answer at all, right now he just knew that he had met Luke a few hours ago and was now totally naked on top of him,

« I don’t know. You… You wanna stop? »

« Uh… » Do I want to stop? I should stop… I don‘t know him… But he‘s so tender and gorgeous and hot! Do I want to stop? Hell no! « Ryan has lube and condoms… in the drawer in the bedroom… » Luke said. Am I really doing this?

Noah’s breath hitched, « Ok. » Am I really doing this?

They got up and shyly looked at each other. But when their eyes locked, there was no shyness anymore, their lips met again as they walked to the bedroom. They crawled into the bed and smiled at each other.

« What do you want to do? » Noah asked, seeming confident.

« I don’t know, what do you usually do? » Luke asked anxiously.

Noah swallowed, « Um… »

« Noah, to be honest, I’ve never done it before… » Luke said and blushed but Noah was looking at him tenderly so he dared to ask, « Can you top? I think I’d prefer it like this. »

Noah rubbed Luke‘s cheek and kissed him softly, « Ok. »

« I’m scared. » Luke confessed.

Me too. « Don‘t be, Luke. » Noah said and kissed him again. He sat and opened the drawer to take a condom and the bottle of lube. He turned his head to look at Luke, laid on the bed next to him and let his eyes wander on Luke’s body,

« God, you’re so gorgeous! »

Luke smiled and decided to tease Noah by sliding his hand up and down his ****.

Noah moaned at the sight and put lube on his fingers. He lowered his head and kissed Luke as he let his fingers reach Luke’s entrance. Luke whimpered at the sensation but relaxed as he kept touching himself. Noah little by little entered a finger and started to move it slowly.

« Tell me if I hurt you or if you want to stop. » Noah said reassuringly.

Luke nodded and closed his eyes. He then felt a second finger starting to enter him and hot kisses on his neck. That felt weird then good till Noah curled them slightly,

« Uh! Hmm!! »

Noah stopped moving his fingers, surprised,

« Don’t- Don’t stop Noah! »

Noah did the same thing but a little faster.

« Right there! Uuh. Oh god yes! »

Noah smiled and moved his fingers faster, hitting on purpose Luke‘s spot over and over. He watched his face, saw him pant and moan and felt incredibly aroused. He then looked lower and saw that Luke was stroking his **** at full speed so he pulled his fingers out and stopped Luke’s hand.

« Hey, don’t go there without me… » Noah said with a smirk ad he rolled on top of Luke.

He kissed him and eventually sat between his legs. He took a pillow and put it under Luke to raise him a little. His hands were shaking a little but he did his best to hide it. He took the condom and put it on then lubed it. He looked at Luke who was shaking, unable to hide it. Noah rubbed his stomach and gave him a tender look,

« If you want to stop, just tell me. »

Luke nodded and let Noah put his legs on his shoulders. He closed his eyes and felt Noah’s hard **** pushing on his entrance. He winced and cried out,

« Wait! » Damn, it hurts!

Noah stopped right away and rubbed Luke’s legs gently. Luke opened his eyes and seeing Noah’s concerned look helped him relax. He was about to make love with him and wanted this. He wanted this like crazy.

« You’re ok? » Noah asked.

Luke reached out to touch Noah‘s hand and nodded, « Yes. Continue. »

Noah pushed very slowly until he was finally totally inside Luke. He waited a moment and put Luke’s legs around his waist before he lowered his body so he could kiss him again. Luke kissed him back then, still nervous, whispered « I think you can move. »

Noah nodded but didn’t move for a moment . In fact, he was sure that if he moved now, he would come right away. He finally did and let out a deep moan.

« That’s good. Keep moving Noah. »

Noah nodded and did as he was told. Luke felt Noah’s **** slid in and out of him slowly at first but loved it more and more as Noah went back and forth faster and deeper. Luke started to moan louder and fisted the sheets,

« Uh Uuh yes, Noaaaah. »

Hearing his name like this drove Noah crazy, he moved faster, moaned louder, groaned. He just couldn’t believe how good it felt, how good Luke felt. He grabbed Luke’s **** and began to pump it fervently as he licked his neck. His thrusts were harder sending chills up Luke’s spine.

Luke was seeing stars and felt himself getting close. Noah was hitting his spot over and over, stroking him, licking him, he heard him moaning and groaning. He knew he couldn‘t last longer,

« Oh I’m gonna- I’m- Uuh Uuuuh UUUUH! »

Noah watched Luke coming on his stomach and chest and on his hand. His **** pulsed hard and after a few last thrusts he buried his **** deep into Luke and came hard, shouting loads and loads of *** in the condom.

Out of breath, he collapsed on top of Luke who wrapped his arms around him tenderly and put kisses on his sweaty shoulders. They were both panting and coming down from their orgasms.

« That was incredible Noah. » Luke said dreamily.

Noah didn’t answer. He was still shaking so Luke rubbed his back and asked, worried,

« Hey, you’re ok? »

« Yes. » Noah eventually answered and slowly pulled out. He took off the condom, threw it in the garbage and went to the bathroom to wash his hands and his chest.

He came back with a towel for Luke. Luke thanked him but felt that something was wrong suddenly.

« You… You didn’t like it? » Luke asked apprehensively as he cleaned his chest.

Noah looked at Luke and reached out to rub his cheek. He got up and got dressed. Luke watched him for a moment and eventually did the same.

When he was fully dressed Noah took the book and said, « Um, thanks for the book. »

Luke finished to put his shirt back on and frowned, « Uh, you’re welcome? »

Noah nodded and turned to leave but Luke stopped him.

« Hey, Noah, wait. That’s weird, what’s wrong? »

Noah didn’t answer. Instead he took Luke in his arms and kissed him. Luke felt goosebumps all over his body and kissed him back. When Noah broke the kiss, he stared into Luke’s eyes for a few seconds then took a step backwards and shook his head.

« I go back to the party, Luke. You know, I have friends I should have met there. »

Luke nodded and took his keys, « Ok, I go with you. »

« No! » Noah answered right away.

« What? » Luke asked, beginning to feel really bad.

« It’s just that… You’re leaving tomorrow and… I’d prefer to say goodbye now. »

Luke sighed and smiled. He took Noah‘s hand and said « We can say goodbye later, I’m still with you for the moment Noah. »

Noah nodded and scratched his head so Luke asked,

« Is there something else? »

Noah shook his head no and opened the door. As soon as they got out he let go of Luke’s hand and put his hands in his pockets.


They were not far from the beach when Luke saw Ryan staggering towards him.

« Hey, buddy, where were yoou? I missed youuu. » Ryan said and took Luke in his arms.

« I was with Noah. » Luke simply answered.

« Oh, Noaaah. » Ryan said drunkenly and turned to him, « We were looking for you! »

Noah looked at Ryan questioningly when he heard his name behind him.

Luke looked at who had called Noah and saw Stacy and another girl.

Stacy kissed Luke’s cheek and said drunkenly « Hey youu, I, I- haven’t seen you tonight, where were you? »

Luke thought about where he was and smiled but his smile dropped quickly when he saw the other girl jump on Noah and kiss him.

« Oooh my sis’ and her boyfriend! Aren‘t they cuuute? » Stacy said.

Luke’s mouth dropped open « Your sister and her boyfriend? »

« Yeaah they‘re together since, uh, forever! Have you met them? »

Luke turned back to Noah who immediately looked down at his shoes. Ryan saw it but was too drunk to react.

« I‘ve just met Noah, not his... Not your sister. » Luke answered.

Noah looked up and said nervously. « Can we go to the beach now? »

« Tiffany wants to dance but I’m tired. Ryan, you drive me home? » Stacy said with a wink to him.

« Ooh yeah! » Ryan said and giggled. « Bye guys! »

Tiffany grabbed Noah’s hand and said, « Noah, let’s go, I want to dance! »

« Tiffany, go ahead, I have something to say to Luke. » Noah replied.

Tiffany shrugged and kissed Noah on the lips. « Yes. Ok. Bye Luke. »

Luke watched Tiffany leave. He hadn’t understood anything about what just happened.

« Luke, Tiffany is my girlfriend for three years, I’m not gay, I’m sorry you thought I was. »

« You’re sorry I thought you were?! Noah, I had your dick in my mouth an hour ago! I also had you inside me then! But I really don‘t know why I thought you were! » Luke reacted sarcastically.

Noah frowned and gulped. Luke shook his head and added as he realized,

« **** Noah, you have a girlfriend and you slept with me! » What did I do?

« Whatever. She’ll never know. »

« You won’t tell her? »

Noah clenched his teeth and answered angrily « Tell her what? What for? It was a mistake and it didn’t mean anything! You are nothing to me! So there’s nothing to tell her! »

« **** you Noah! I wouldn’t have done it if I knew! I feel really bad right now Noah. You cheated on her, you- »

« Oh please stop it… You just ****** with a stranger and now you play the moral guy? »

Noah's remark hurt Luke badly, « I- I just thought- »

« I don’t care what you think! Just forget it! »

On that he left.

Luke went back to the cottage dumbfounded and collapsed on his bed crying. That’s the biggest mistake of my life. I made love for the first time with the biggest jerk ever! I’m so stupid!


He eventually fell asleep and woke up two hours later when he heard Ryan enter in the bedroom.

« Argh, I did my best to be discrete, I didn’t want to wake you up, Sorr- Luke? »

Ryan heard weird noises so he turned on the light and saw Luke sobbing on his bed. All of a sudden Luke got up and stripped the bed.

Ryan stopped him and rubbed his arms, « What’s wrong Luke? »

« The bed smells like him. I don’t want to smell him. I hate him. »

Ryan panicked, « What? Who? Did somebody hurt you? Luke, answer, please! »

Luke wiped his eyes and tried to answer calmly, realizing that Ryan was worried,

« Don’t worry, nothing happened that I didn‘t want. It’s just that the sheets smell like Noah. I don’t want to smell him. I hate his smell. » Damn, I love his smell! I hate loving it!

Ryan looked at the bedroom and his eyes widened when he looked at the garbage. A condom… used… Noah… Luke and Noah were nowhere to be found at the party. I think I got it.

« Wow… You slept with Noah? That’s it? » Ryan asked, stunned.

Luke nodded. He felt ashamed. « That guy has a girlfriend, I didn’t know. But, how could have I known, I met him a few hours before I let him **** me! How could I have been so stupid? »

Ryan found crazy that Luke had been so far with someone he didn’t know for his first time but he didn‘t want to judge him and tried to reassure him,

« Hey, Luke, listen. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m sure that if you did it, you wanted it. I’m sure he wanted it too, he- »

« I thought something special happened between us even if I knew we could never see each other after that but I was wrong. I’m sure he hated it. He said that it was a mistake, that he wasn’t gay and that I should just forget it and he left. He talked to me as if I was nothing. Actually, that’s what he said I was. God, I feel like ****. »

Ryan took his keys and stormed out of the bedroom, « I’m gonna find him! That bast- »

Luke stopped him, « No, please. Drop it. I’m so tired… »

Ryan rubbed Luke‘s shoulders. « Just remember that you didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t know he had a girlfriend. And whatever this guy told you, I’m sure he liked it. He’s just some closet case or something. How could someone be with you and not like it? » He closed his eyes and kissed Luke‘s temple. That guy is an *******. You deserve so much better. « Don’t regret it. Just move on now. »

Luke nodded and asked « Can I sleep in your bed, please? »

« Of course, I’ll sleep on the couch. »

« No. Please stay with me. » Luke demanded.

Ryan nodded and they went to bed. Luke wondered why he went so far with Noah tonight, why he had lost control like this. He used to be so thoughtful. In one night, he felt like he had lost not only his virginity but also his pride. Fortunately, he still had Ryan and with his best friend close to him Luke eventually fell asleep. Tomorrow is another day.

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