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Title: Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Luke and Noah spend Christmas in their new pad five years from 2009
Characters: Luke, Noah, Mechanic, Emma, Lily, Holden, Natalie, Ethan, Eliza, Jacob, Faith, Lucas, Jack, Casey, Alison
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Warnings: not that I can think of.
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Noah hummed along with the radio as he ripped off another piece of tape and stuck it down on the gold printed gift-wrap. Last minute wrapping before Luke would wake up. Usually, Luke would be awake by now, but this year Noah was up at dawn rushing around to make sure everything was perfect. The Christmases of the past five years hadn’t always gone to plan. Christmas 2009, Noah was blind and had emotional problems with Luke. However, once Noah let Luke help him, things were good. Noah was given a revolutionary operation on his eyes, giving Noah’s sight back to him. In 2010, Emma had a spat of ill health so Christmas was a little treacherous. On the plus, Lily and Holden got married (again) on New Years Eve. X-mas 2011 saw Luke and Noah host Christmas dinner at there apartment. Luke tried to make it the way his mom and grandma would, but it turned into a disaster. Emma and Lily ended up helping him retrieve what was left of the dinner. Finally, in 2012, Emma suffered a stroke, which made her confined to a wheelchair. Holden and Lily had interior designers design a new kitchen at the farm for Emma, so she could continue doing the thing that she loved most.

It is 2013; 8 o’clock in the morning and Noah had finished wrapping the last present. He heard a creak from the hallway. Luke appeared in the doorway, rubbing his eyes and staggering a little.
Noah smiled up at him from his place on the floor, “Hey.”
Luke gave a little grin, “Hey.” He looked around the tree, and then looked up at the clock hanging on the wall. “Why didn’t you wake me?”
Noah stood up off the floor and looked up at his boyfriend.
“You look so peaceful when you’re asleep. I didn’t wanna wake you.”
Luke blushed, before his face returned to its sour look of tiredness. Noah saw the change in his face.
“Want me to get you a coffee or something?”
Luke shook his head and instead walked towards Noah. Noah wrapped his arms round Luke and gave him a morning Christmas day cuddle.


Luke sat down by the Christmas tree. He fiddled with the decorations and tweaked the tinsel. He sighed quietly.
“You know you can open your presents now. It is Christmas morning.”
“I know that Noah.” Luke said bluntly.
Noah put his hands in his pockets, his face confused.
“What’s up?”
“Well it don’t sound like nothing.” Noah joined his partner on the floor of their lounge, “Tell me. You know I'll listen.”

Luke chuckled a little, before glancing at Noah, then looking down at the ground.
“I always get my hopes up at Christmas. I get excited imagining the whole day in my head. Waking up next to you. Opening the curtains and finding snow on the ground. Sitting by the tree, us exchanging gifts. Then going to the farm with bags full of gifts for the rest of the family, making sure that we didn’t eat to much that morning so we had enough room for Grandma Emma’s amazing Christmas dinner. After that me and you would come back here and cuddle up together, watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ by the fire.”
“We can still do that-”
“-No we can’t…”
“Why not?”
“…I wake up next to you…but there’s hardly ever snow when I open those curtains…we exchange gifts…we go to the farm…and…” Luke’s eyes began to fill up, “and Grandma Emma’s there but… it hurts to see her in that kitchen, in the wheelchair. I remember when I was little; I would wake up on Christmas morning and see her happy smiling face. She’d be running round the kitchen, you've seen how energetic she is when it comes to cooking for any occasion,” Noah nodded, “But now, she gets so tired from preparing food. Her smile is replaced by frustration when she fails at getting her gorgeous muffins to rise.” Noah gently massaged Luke’s back.

­­­­“Christmas always goes wrong now.”
“Not all the time.”
“Yes, all the time. Something goes wrong like the food is burnt or someone in our family is ill or missing from the festive celebrations…it sucks Noah…I...I just don’t want to get too into Christmas this year. I don’t want to build my hopes up.”
Noah pulled Luke’s head towards him and kissed his boyfriends luscious blond hair.
“I’m telling you now; this Christmas is going to be the best one yet.”
“Yeah right.” Luke said sarcastically, cuddling up against Noah’s side.
“It will be.” Noah smirked, “You’ll see.”


Presents had been given and unwrapped and Luke and Noah were getting ready to go to the farm.
Luke and Noah made their way down the hall, “When will I be able to use those handcuffs you bought me?” Luke winked at his lover.
“When ever you want.” Noah gave Luke’s ass a squeeze as they neared the front door.
“Oh really.” Luke stopped dead and squared up to Noah.
“Oh yes Luciano.” Noah raised an eyebrow.
“So what if I said that I wanted to go for a little test run right now.”
Noah’s face dropped from playful back down to serious.
“Well Luke, if we don’t get going now, we might be late. I don’t wanna miss your Grandma-”
Luke licked the inside of Noah’s ear, completely taking the power of speech away from Noah.
“Oh please.” Luke said in his most playful voice, “Just one test run.”
Noah shivered, before grabbing hold of Luke.
“Just one.”
“Come on big guy. Show me your stuff.”
Luke and Noah ran towards their bedroom.


“Come on! START!” Noah twisted the key repeatedly but the engine wouldn’t start. Luke leaned his head against his hand.
“Spending Christmas in your truck.”
“Just shut up a minute Luke.” Noah turned the key once again in the ignition. The engine chocked a little before giving up. “Oh man, come on.” Noah stroked the steering wheel and spoke quietly to it, like it was a small child, “Please, I really need you to start because Daddy and Luke need to get somewhere and we need you to take us there, so please can you do it for me.”

Luke stared at his ‘boyfriend’, “…are you OK Noah?”
Noah stopped kissing the wheel. He slowly sat up before shaking his head.
“She won’t start.”
“And it’s nearly two o’clock. We’re gonna be late!”
“Well, if you hadn’t suggested trying out those handcuffs we would have found out this problem twenty minutes ago.”
“I just…I wanted to have some fun.”
Noah sighed, “…its OK Luke…I’m sorry…I’ll call AAA, and you call your Grandma. Tell her we’re gonna be late.” Luke only nodded.


The mechanic sucked in air with his teeth gritted together as he looked at the engine.
“I’m real sorry bud, this doesn’t look.”
Noah joined the man, looking at the engine, “What is it?”
“Because of the cold weather we’ve been having, your radiators packed up.”
“Packed up?”
The man turned to Noah, “Its caput. Had it. No more. Packed up.” He looked back at the engine, “I’m gonna have to take your truck back to my garage and give it a new radiator, and that’s gonna cost ya.”
Noah glanced at Luke. Luke was jumping up and down, trying to keep himself warm.
“How much?” Noah shakily asked.
“$200.” Noah ran a hand down his face. “And I won’t have it done until New Year.”
“Well pal, we all have a break at Christmas. You’re lucky I’m working today.”

Luke huddled up next to Noah. Noah put his arm round him.
“We’re gonna have to walk it Noah.” Luke said shivering.
“No. I’ll call a cab.” Noah kissed Luke’s head.
The mechanic sighed, “I’ll give you a lift if you want?”
Noah thought, “…no, no we’ll be fine.”
“I insist. It’s Christmas, time for good will. I’ll attach your truck on the back of mine, you jump in the front, and I’ll take you to where ever you have to go. It’s the least I could do for giving you bad news on Christmas day.”
Luke looked up at Noah. Noah smiled down at his boyfriend.
“OK then.”
“So where you gotta be?”
“Snyder farm?” Luke asked.
“Oh…Emma Snyder?”
“Yeah, I’m her grandson.”
“I fixed a few tractors for her…” Luke and the mechanic chatted as the man put a chain on the front of Noah’s car. Noah could only watch as his truck moved onto the back of the tow truck.


Noah jumped out the vehicle and shut the door, joining Luke and the bags of presents on the ground.
“Thank you so much.” Noah called up to the driver.
“Your welcome. You enjoy the rest of your Christmas.”
“You too.” The truck reversed out of the farm.
“LUKE! NOAH!” Emma shouted from the porch door.
“Grandma!” Luke ran over to Emma, who hugged him tight from her wheelchair.
“Ooo, Luke my lovely.” She hugged Noah, “And you’re my lovely too Noah.” She laughed. “Well come on, lets get you inside in the warm. I’ve got hot chestnuts and cocoa for you both.”
Luke and Noah brought their bags and themselves inside the house.

Lily hurried over to her son and Noah.
“Hey there boys.”
“Hey mom.”
“Merry Christmas Lily.”
“Merry Christmas to you too Noah.”
“These are for you.” Noah passed the large bag of presents to Lily.
“These are all for me!” Lily exclaimed.
“Well, Dad’s, Grandma’s, Grandmother’s, Jack and Megs and -.”
“I get it,” Lily laughed.
Holden came out from the lounge.
“Oh here’s trouble. How are you pal?” Holden greeted Luke with a smile.
“Hi Dad. I’m good.”
“I heard about your truck. What needs done?” Holden hugged Noah.
“A whole new radiator.”
“Really! How much is that gonna cost?”
“$200, plus I need new front tires anyway, so I’ll see if I can get that done too.”
“How about we help out?” Lily joined her husband’s side.
“Oh…I couldn’t-we couldn’t.”
“It’s Christmas guys. It would be a gift from us to you.”
Luke smiled at Noah, “Come on. You know my mom and dad won’t let you say no.”
Noah rolled his eyes, “OK then. Thank you.”
“Your welcome Noah,” Holden grinned, “Wanna come in the other room and see everyone else?
Luke and Noah followed the elders into the lounge.

“NOAH!” Ethan, Natalie, Jacob, and Eliza yelled.
Noah stopped in his tracks as three infants plowed into him.
“Hey there munchkins!”
“What about me?” Luke stuck his bottom lip.
Eliza hugged her cousin’s leg, “Hello Luke.”
Luke crouched down and cuddled the kids.
“Luke? Noah?” Luke and Noah turned round to see Faith, holding a toddler.
“Un-w-le Luke.”
Luke’s grinned, “….hello little one…how’s my little nephew?”
“He’s OK. His temperatures gone now.” Faith passed her son to her brother.
“Aww, hello. Hello? Hello?”
Noah moved his head next to Luke’s, “Hey there Lucas.”
“You wanna go to Uncle Noah?” Luke asked Lucas. Lucas nodded. “OK, give us a kiss.” Lucas kissed his Uncle, “Good boy. There you are Noah.”
Noah took hold of the baby and sat down on the couch with him.
“Hey there bud.”
Lucas giggled, “Nooey.”
“Yeah!” The two year old grabbed Noah’s nose. “Ow, oh no ya got me dose.”
“Nooey nose.”
“Dare dats me dose. Luke!”
Luke laughed, sitting down next to his boyfriend.
“Aren’t you gonna let go?” Lucas held onto Noah’s nose, turned to Luke and shook his head. “Well, Noah needs to use his nose so I guess I’m just gonna have to-” Luke tickled his nephew who let go of the nose and wriggled about in Noah’s arms. He climbed on Luke’s lap and held onto his Uncle’s pendant Noah had bought Luke for his 21st birthday.
“Love you Luke.”
Luke kissed his nephew’s cheek, “I love you too. Do you love Noah?”
Lucas nodded his head and leaned over, kissing Noah’s cheek.
Noah’s smile stretched across his face, “Me too buddy. I love both my Luke’s.” Luke smiled back at Noah, giving him a short sweet kiss, before both turned their attention back on their nephew.


Everyone had finished their dinner…well they were so stuffed they couldn’t eat anymore. Holden stood up and tapped a fork against his glass.
“Everyone…thanks…well I always make this speech, every year, so I think Lily should do it this year.” Holden sat down as his wife stood up.
She cleared her throat, a big smile appearing on her face.
“Go on mom!” Luke yelled, everyone else laughing.
“Luke, you’re not helping.” Lily smiled at her son, before smiling at everyone else. “This has been…quiet a year.” Everyone nodded in agreement, remembering Emma’s stroke just before Christmas the year before. “We’ve all had our scares this year, but we’re together, all of us. However, there is one person every single one of us wants to thank. She helps hold us together. We all want to help her now; so Emma?”
Grandma Snyder was already crying, “…what is my dear?” she sniveled.
Lily passed Emma an envelope. “This is an extra special Christmas present for you, from all of us.”

Emma wiped her eyes, before opening the envelope. Lucas giggled and clapped his hands. Emma laughed, “Yes Lucas, it’s exciting isn’t it?” Lucas nodded. Emma pulled out a pamphlet, with a number of papers sticking out from it. She read the letter, that was included, aloud, “Dear Mrs. Snyder, May I congratulate you on your up coming spa retreat holiday!” Emma’s eyes widened and her voice became high and excited. “We hope you’ll enjoy all our pampering services and facilities. We look forward to seeing you later on in the year.” She looked at her son and daughter-in-law, “Is this what you were trying to hide from me yesterday.” Emma turned to the rest of the family, “I tried to collect my mail yesterday morning, but Holden beat me to it. You know how slow this chair is.” Emma’s face changed, “How can I go on holiday in this chair?”
“Don’t worry mama. It’s a retreat for people with disabilities so they can get some attention and relaxation, and we all think you need a special Christmas gift this year.
“Well,” Emma chuckled, “I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much.”
“You don’t have to thank us.” Jack winked and smiled.
“Everyone chipped in for this Grandma.” Faith said, whilst handing Lucas his sippy-cup.
Emma chucked, “I’m so happy. This is the best gift ever. Thank you all.”


“Thanks so much for the dinner Grandma.” Luke kissed and hugged Emma.
“Oh it’s always a pleasure boys. Here,” Emma picked up a Tupperware box and handed it to Noah, “I made you some cookies, brownies, and flapjacks. I know how much you both like them.”
“Thank you Emma. These look wonderful.” Noah kissed Grandma Snyder goodbye.
“See you soon Grandma. Love you.”
“Love you too sweetie and of course I love Noah as well.”
Noah grinned. Luke wrapped his arms round his boyfriend and gave him a squeeze.
“I think I love him more than you Grandma.”
“Oh really.”
Luke stuck his tongue out.
Emma pretended to be shocked, “Right I’ve had enough of you young man. Go on go home. Holden’s waiting to take you to your apartment.”
Luke laughed as he and Noah left the porch with a box of treats and bags of gifts from their family and got in Holden’s truck.


Luke sighed as he turned the hallway light on and wandered into the lounge. Noah placed the bags and boxes in the bedroom, before going back to close the door and put his keys on the side. Noah heard Luke switch on the TV and slouch down on their leather couch. Noah smiled and went to remove his coat…he stopped as he suddenly got an idea. He adjusted his coat and grabbed Luke’s, a grin attached to his face.

Luke grabbed the remote and began channel hopping. A long black sheet unexpectedly blocked his view.
“Get ya coat on.”
Luke pulled the jacket from off his face.
“You heard me.” Noah coaxed his head upwards, “I wanna show you something.”
“But why do I need my-”
“Don’t ask questions Snyder. Just do it.”
Luke frowned before seeing the seriousness in Noah’s face. He switched the TV off. Noah held Luke’s coat for him whilst he put it on.
“So where ya taking me?”
“You’ll see. Close ya eyes.” Luke did as he was told, “And because I know you’ll peep,” Noah placed his hands over his lover’s eyes.
“Come on, play fair Luke.”
“OK, ok.”
“Now listen to the sweet sound of my voice and let me lead you.”
Luke nodded. Noah gently moved Luke towards the balcony off their apartment.
“Keep them closed!” Noah removed one hand from Luke’s face to open the terrace before shifting Luke a little more, until they were both on the balcony, over looking Oakdale.

“OK you can open them.”
Luke blinked a few times once Noah had removed his hands from Luke’s eyes.
“…We’re on the balcony? Is this the surprise?”
“No not entirely,” Noah produced a small box from his back pocket.
Luke looked at the black package then back at his boyfriend.
“N-…Noah…wh-what are you doing?”
“Since I met you, a lot of changes have happened in my life. I found out who I was. I lost the person I thought of as my father. I learned how to love and not be embarrassed about it. I made love to someone I adored and trusted. I moved in with another a guy, and we aren’t talking just as roommates. But now that life has settled down, and it’s been nearly eight years since I came out, and we’re both happy and content…I think it’s time for us to make some advances, some changes that we want to happen.” Noah got down on his knee.
Luke ‘s eyes glossed over. He shook his head.
“No, Noah…don’t.” Luke blinked, making tears fall onto his cheeks and run further down Luke’s face.
Noah softly took Luke’s hand. He looked up at his lover, tears in his eyes and a smile on his lips, “Luciano Eduardo Grimaldi Snyder, would you do me the greatest of honors and make me your husband and partner for life?”
Luke knelt down on the cold floor with Noah. His bottom jaw quivered from the cold and crying. He took Noah’s face in his hands and slowly kissed him.
Noah opened his eyes after the smooth tender kiss, and looked into Luke’s. He sniveled, “Well?”
Luke nodded his head vigorously. “Yes,” He sighed and rolled his eyes, “I…I er…” Luke stuck his tongue against his cheek. “Of course I’ll marry you Noah.” He gave his fiancé eye contact and smiled. His mind tried to come up with some longwinded verse on how much he loved Noah…He chocked up, “I love you,” He said with a whimper.
Noah laughed, he too crying. “That’s good to hear.”
“So aren’t you gonna give me the box or are you just gonna hold it.” Luke tried to shake off how emotional he was being.

Noah passed the black box to Luke. Luke carefully opened it…
“Noah?...what’s this?”
“What does it look like?” Noah rose to his feet, before he helped Luke.
“…it looks like a pacifier…”
“Something a baby would have.”
Luke looked up at his boyfriend, a huge smile across his face. “Is this for real?”
“This Christmas beats all the others huh.”
“…so…I’m gonna get married…and I’m…”
“You’re gonna be a Dad.”
“But we haven’t discussed adoption or anything like that.”
“I’ve noticed how broody you’ve got since Lucas was born and you know how much I want kids with you…I figured it was time. I mean, we don’t have to get married and have a kid at the same time-”
“I know Noah.” Luke moved closer to his soon-to-be-husband and pecked his lips. “I can’t tell you how much I’m in love with you right now. How did you get to be so romantic?” Luke laughed.
Noah grinned, “You gave it to me.”
“Aww…Mr. Mayer…I like it…Luke Mayer.”
Noah’s face was shocked, “Wha-you wanna take my name?”
“Why wouldn’t I?”
“…I just didn’t expect that.”
“There are a ton of Snyder’s and Grimaldi’s…I wanna be unique…I wanna be a Mayer.”

Luke and Noah looked down to see Alison and Casey walking past the apartment buildings.
Noah waved, “Merry Christmas to you too!”
“I’M GETTING MARRIED!” Luke yelled.
“OMG CONGRATULATIONS!” Alison jumped up and down.
“HAVE A GREAT EVENING!” Casey grinned.
Luke turned to Noah, “I just couldn’t help it…I’m getting married to you.”
“I love you Luke.”
Luke sighed, “I love you so much.”
The two moved in for a long loving kiss before wrapping their arms round each other for an embrace.
After a few seconds,…“I’m cold. Maybe we should go inside.” Luke mumbled against Noah’s shoulder.
“Good idea.” Noah lifted Luke a little and carried him back into the apartment.
“Noah!” Noah turned back round. The first snowflakes had began to fall.
“Would you look at that Luke. It’s snowing after all.”
Luke put an arm round his fiancé; Noah did the same.
“Merry Christmas Noah.”
“Merry Christmas Luke.”

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