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Originally posted 2008 but it still goes:

Due to some issues that emerged yesterday I feel that it is my place to make the following statement:

(Please note that I have tried to keep this as objective as possible from a FF mod’s POV and not everything may reflect my personal opinions. )

Yesterday we had some discussions about grammar when it comes to fan fiction and the choice to have a Beta or not.

1. No where in the FF section is it stated that you are required to use a Beta. The only thing that’s mentioned is that grammar and spell check are your best friends.
However, that still doesn’t mean that you have to write a perfect FF according to all the rules of grammar and what not.

2. Yes, correct grammar makes a story easier to read but it doesn’t decide whether a story is good or not.

3. Not all of us have English as our native language and other of us might have various of writing disabilities, such as dyslexia. The point is; We all do our best.

4. We ALL make mistakes ‘cause we are all human. Thank god right!

To the Betas:

Let it be noted that I’m really happy that you guys exist and are here to help out the people that want your help.

With that also comes the responsibility of tact. Rather than looking up who you can help, make the writers approach you instead. That way we avoid writers from feeling pressured that they have to use a Beta.

Each writer wants different amount of help, it is up to the two of you to work it out together.

To the Writers:

I am happy there are so many wonderful writers at this Wiki, you all contribute with your special style of writing and each contribution counts.

It is up to each and one of you if you want to use a Beta or not. The FF mods do not demand that you do.

If you do decide to use a Beta you can find available ones under this page:

To the ones that post comments on a FF (most of us I think!)

There has been a climate at this Wiki where we rather give all through positive feedback and in a way shy away from constructive criticism. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
But in all this positivity we might tend to forget that we are always allowed to speak our opinion.

This is a difficult subject, though I believe no one wants to intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings and also that it might be hard for the writer to interpret the content from the constructive criticism he/she has received.

There is also the big difficulty in keeping your critic constructive! That is something I want to put emphasis on. We all have different views on what may be considered constructive or not.
I want to keep the FF section a fun place to be and therefore I ask that comments that may be seen as hurtful or taken the wrong way are posted in a PM to the author.
That though might lead to another problem (although I hope not) that people could get afraid of posting their views and opinions, whether or not they are positive or not.

One solution to this ‘problem’ could be that the author himself would put up a little comment, stating rather or not they are positive to constructive criticism. It can be something short as putting up the letters, CC there.

I hope by this we can come to a resolution and I am happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject.

Neither do I want to come off as a “rule setter” or something, I just felt that it was my place to make this statement since I am the FF mod.

So I think that’s all : )

Remember that the most important thing is the love of writing and the love of making up stories about our boys. We are all here for the fun of it and we are all putting our heart and soul into our writing.

So please, keep on writing, we all want to read YOUR story.


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First off, I haven't seen this page before, and thanks for it, it's great.

Secondly, I've beta read for about a half dozen people now, and I noticed that a lot of the same mistakes are made by a lot of people. Is it alright if I make a few points about grammar here, just for public consideration? I want to be helpful, not obnoxious or snobby.
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